Ot - Case against Bryant dropped

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Debra_Law - MY OPINION:

This case went on for over a year. For most of that year, the alleged victim seemed willing to press her accusations that would destroy another person’s marriage, career, life, and possibly land him in prison for life. The state spent well over $200,000 based on HER accusations to prepare the case to prosecute (and possibly convict) another human being.

When the case was dismissed, the prosecutors continued to argue that their case was strong and they were confident of a conviction IF the accuser would testify.

If the state prosecutors truly believed that they had a strong case against Kobe Bryant with her testimony, then the prosecutors should not have thrown away $200,000 worth of tax payer money. The prosecutors should have issued a subpoena and should have required the accuser to back up her accusations and to testify at trial.

(The prosecutors won’t admit that their case was WEAK–they won’t admit that the evidence was insufficient to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt–so they place the blame on the alleged victim’s unwillingness to testify and simply drop the case? I don’t buy this for a minute.)

The prosecutors work for the state. It is their job to enforce state criminal laws–including the laws that criminalize sexual assault. The alleged victim (the accuser) is not their client. She is merely the complaining witness. By her last-minute refusal to testify at the criminal trial, she is obstructing the criminal justice system – and doing so in favor of the civil suit she filed for MONEY.

She used the criminal justice system and taxpayer money and state-paid bull dogs to traumatize and soften up HER VICTIM–to put Bryant through a year of hell–so she could move in for a killing and obtain a large amount of money for herself.

I have no doubt that Kobe Bryant will pay her off to get her the hell out of his life. I am disgusted by ALL OF THEM: By the accuser, by the state prosecutors, and by Bryant. The true victims in this entire mess are Bryant’s wife and child.
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Good. Now let’s hope the same thing happens with Michael Jackson. I don’t particularly like the guy but he doesn’t strike me as being evil.