Omg help plz!

First off this is my first post so Hi all

im in need of help and been given this url by a friend to get some help
since 1998 ive owned a sega saturn and last week im sad to say it died
ive been getting the old girl out and playing a few games now and again
and last week after it being in the cupboard i pulled it out to find its was dead tryied everything from replacing the fuse to using another power cable
but alas nothin sorry to say its dead :anjou_sad:

after looking around to see if i can buy another there either after silly money or no 1 has got 1 for sale, my friend told me of a emulator but said it its not 100% working, so what can i do all my games are going to waste games like sonic 3d, nights into dreams, all 3 panzer dragoon games and many more!

if any 1 can point me in the right direction to pick a cheap saturn or working emulator ill be most most most greatfull :anjou_love:

plz help me :anjou_sad:

Your best bet is to try Ebay; a fully working, bug-free Saturn emulator is many years away from completion.

I thought Cassini was quite good?

Anyways welcome Euphoria.(i don’t like adressing people by typing numbers :P) :anjou_happy:

Cassini is basically just GiriGiri with a different GUI.

…and welcome to the forums, u4ria*.

Welcome to the forums. Yeah, you’d probably be best off looking for a Saturn on Ebay; the two “working” Saturn emulators (GiriGiri and Cassini) really aren’t that good for playing games. You can download both of them from the site’s programs page if you’d like to give them a try, though:

thanks for info guys but regarding ebay ive had a nasty experiance in the past good not turning up and losing the money i paid, ive just been told about a shop that deals in old consoles and the like so im going to give them a try tomorow and also got a some to take a look at my baby and see if they can revive it, as for the emulators ive given girigiri a go and it ran the panzer dragoon saga but ive been told it locks up sometimes during play, fingers crossed it can be revived if failing im giving the this shop a try, and thanks all for posting and being so warm welcoming me,
this website is now in my favorites :smiley:

night night all

I buy from ebay quite alot (about to but PD1 and PDZ)
I have had no problems, just make sure the person you buy from has good feedback…

Well, you don’t say where you are from, but if you live in the UK there’s a range of stores called “Gamestation” which offer a wide retro range in-stores.