Oldest of Memories

This could be a name of a good game couldn’t it?! :B
Fooled ya :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, I made this thread so all of you could share the oldest of all your memories (if you wish to do so that is).Go back in time and find the oldest thing you remember as a person…

Mine : beeing in my bed when I was about 4 years old…
Pissed cause I was kindda “forced to sleep” every sunday afternoon while my family would be watching TV :stuck_out_tongue:

Most of my childhood is a blurr and best left as such.

Alright here’s mine:
I had a cat a while ago when I was five, and he loved to hide in closets. One night I went to sleep without knowing that he was hiding in my closet. In the middle of the night, I woke up with a big furry @$$ in my face… Uggghhh, I’ve been tainted… >(

Well I think the oldest thing I remember is getting beaten by my dad, don’t remember what I had done but the thing I remember the most of it is that I coughed blood on the bathroom carpet during. A thick chunk of blood. I thought I was gonna die when I saw it lol…
Either that or being sick in my bed one night and throwing up all over it calling for help lol…
Don’t know which of the two is oldest, I must have been around 8 yrs old for both.
Oh and around same age I remember fighting with other kids in the school sandpit (or whatever you call it in english) for fun and at one point falling down, then another one falling in front of me and by accident kicking my face. I had a red swollen shoe mark on the left side of my face for quite a while…No mark is left till now tho thank God =)
Can’t really say for sure which is oldest but I think it’s the last thing I wrote…or the being sick thing…ah well who cares =)

EDIT now that I think of it, I think my dad beat me because of getting that shoe mark but I can’t tell for sure…

Bad memories tend to stain and haunt you for the rest of your life.

My uncle’s funeral. Or was he my uncle? I’m pretty sure it was my uncle. Everyone was crying. The thing is, I never knew the guy because I must of been 3 at the time. Can’t even remember his name because my family never discussed it with me. Ever.

This may have been before or after the eve of my first day of preschool. I remember myself lying on the floor, wrapped in a blue “blankey.” I was a cute little bastard…Wait, I still am! :slight_smile:

Then there was a memory I had of myself just sitting outside in the rain. Can’t remember how long ago it was, but it was raining very hard. Maybe it was a hurricane.

And then the memory of myself getting practically ripped apart by my grandmother’s dog. The day after that I hit my knee against the tv, and caused a huge gash that left a scar that still exists today. Lots of crying and blood that day =/

Can’t exactly remember which one of these occured first, sorry guys. 0_0

The memory I have - the “freshest” of them all is when I got a little scar i have in y face…

& yeasr old running after a kid ina bike,The guy was too slow and I tripped and got hit with the bike’s “wheel protector” in the face…

Probably my earliest clear memory is of climbing on top of my house, for the sole purpose of jumping off. I remember that when I was that young, I thought that I could fly. Actually, not so much /thought/ that I could fly as much as I just /knew/ that I could. I actually remember doing that alot. Never hurt myself too badly though.

Probably has something to do with the early childhood insanity that never quite went away. :slight_smile:

Possibly my oldest was when I was about 5. It was the end of school and my Mum wasn’t there waiting for me so I crossed the road (I did know the green cross code!) and met her. Well, it’s hardly my fault she wasnt there to meet me. Then for about two weeks afterwards the Head Teacher kept asking me why I crossed the road.

Another early memory was when I was at a very English outdoor fete and for 10pence you could talk to a big teddy bear and it would repeat what you said. As far as I can remember, I thought it was 10pence to buy the bear so I handed the money over and ran off with the bear…with about 7 adults chasing after me.

Memories my family have which I wish I could remember are of one of my first words being ‘Split’ as my brother used to feet me with Banana Split ice creams and once when I was on holiday, I apparently walked through a glass door, smashed all the glass but didnt get hurt.

Another early memory was when I was at a very English outdoor fete and for 10pence you could talk to a big teddy bear and it would repeat what you said. As far as I can remember, I thought it was 10pence to buy the bear so I handed the money over and ran off with the bear…with about 7 adults chasing after me.[/quote]

awww… :slight_smile:

Watching “Catchphrase” in a baby bath at the age of 2 is my oldest memory.

you can remember back when you were 2? :open_mouth:

My oldest clear memory is my mum beating me for spilling tippex when I was about 3 :stuck_out_tongue:

My oldest memory was drawing all over the leather seats on my Grandfather’s pickup truck with blue ink.
I was about 4-5 years old.

Actually my oldest memory would be my near-death experience. I almost died of blood loss at the age of 3… Won’t go into detail, but it involved me not wearing a helmet…

me can guess it from here

The other day I was thinking and I actually got an even older emory : when I was 2 I was operated…

I remember beeing in a little room crying and shouting;I didn’t want to be there …

And I remember p33ing after the operation :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah!! Me too. I got put in the ER. All I remembered was the smell of lots of rubber. Mmmmmm… Rubber…:stuck_out_tongue:

I got remided of an old memory.
I met a girl who I’ve known since primary school the other day. Haven’t seen her for a few years. Anyway we were talking about ‘old times’ and our first memory of each other was this- The two of us were in a classroom alone. All the other kids were out playing. I guess we must have been naughty or something. Anyway, we decided to kiss each other (I was about 4 or 5yrs old at this point) so we went under the table but at the crucial moment both bottled out as people could see us from the main hall.
We promised to keep it a secret but when everyone else got back she told them all.
So she was either my first crush or my first experimental subject.

sounds like she was your first guinea pig Pete :stuck_out_tongue: