Official Olympics 2004 Thread

Well i’ve enjoyed the olympics so far, Greece really have done a great job hosting!!
my favourite, Track & Field started today. Two Mauritius Runner will hopefully make it to the final, and maybe even grab a medal!
St?phane Buckland is a 200m runner, apparently ranked best!! Even though he has never reached an olympic Final, my Family in mauritius have told me that everyone in there is cheering for him =D … m200m.html

So what do you think of the events so far? i have liked them a lot (except the opening ceromony :@ other than that good)

But one thing I do not really like… is how countries can enter in as many people as they like into the heats… I think it would be better if they only allowed 2 or 3 competitors from the same country to enter the same event. otherwise you can get USA and China entering 5 people each, and others only entering 1…

But tell me your thoughts! its the first time I have actually watched the games properly, and see lots of glory, conflicts and other emotions that have been flooding around Athens :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure that nations can’t enter as many athletes as they like for an event. I think the IOC defines how many athletes a nation can enter in any one event. I might be wrong though.

But yeah, I’m enjoying the games so far. Though the way athletes have been disqualified, then reinstated etc really has spoilt both the Eventing and the Swimming for me. It really needs to be sorted out. Either an athlete broke the rules or they didn’t. It’s something that, if there’s uncertaincy, they shouldn’t make a decision straight away, but maybe a few hours afterwards or something like that.

But anyway, go Team GB!

I don’t belive what kind of a problme do they have it was so unprofessionaly. If you don’t know the 200m final was plagued by booing and whistling.

Of course the racers couldn’t perform well, Buckland got a false start and baisically f***ed up his whole race.

What kind of unproffesional behaviour is that, learn some damn manners

</second olympic rant>

Explain yourself? Especially for the “:@” ? I don’t see how anyone could be angry about the ceremony, wether they liked it or not…

see my rant thread in the holy district…

So, you are now dismissing all of the opening ceremony as not likable and “:@” because your channels didn’t show some of the things you wanted to see… ok.

Paula Radcliffe’s subsequent failure to finish the 10k race after failing to finish the marathon has actually made me quite angry. We’re talking about a race that’s one third of the distance of the marathon, and she easily ran 20k in her marathon attempt.

To give up in a 10k with 1.4 kilometres to go, especially after actually training to run the marathon, just shows absolute inability to either a) push herself on or b) actually run at all.

(On a personal note, no, I can’t run 10k yet, but I’m working on it.)

I dont quite understand whats happened with Paula Radcliffe, she is obviously physically and mentally capable of running marathons as her career has shown. She also trained in conditions similar to Athens in preparation for the Olympics so I guess that she was physically prepared for the Olympics too, maybe she crumbled under Olympic pressure and was unable to psych herself up. One thing that is clear is that she isnt a heroic runner who never gives up, when trying to compete a marathon the only person you have to compete against is yourself - if you are fully prepared physically as she was then it is just attitude.

Aside from that, I think these Olympics have been very entertaining however I would say that the highlight has been the BBC coverage of it, I like their sport descriptions and the intro video and music, very well presented. The Greeks have done well organising it, I dont quite understand the ladies in funny dresses and hair I guess thats a Greek thing.

bad conclusion

He’s just annoyed that the broadcasters in England focused on the England team to an excessive degree.

British team, you politically incorrect person!

…</asshole mode>

You think that’s non-PC? Look at the Stagecoach buses site!

Buses in the UK
Buses in Scotland


hahahah @ Arc
and yeah, what geoff said…
Also i have heard the commentators say “the english” blah blah quite a lot… i would get anoyed if I was irish/scottish/welsh

My sister ended her 17 year swimming carreer this summer in Greece.My parents went to Greece to see her swim.I wanted to go to but it was an expensive trip multiplied by 6 people in this household…

Apart from that I just payed attention to the 100 metters,1500 metters and the Marathon.