Oboro Muramasa Youtouden - 2D Lives On

Beautiful or what?

pretty, looks like some origami paper i used to have.

It’s incredible those waves are actually animated too, not just a bunch of moving layered stills as they could very well get away with, and still have a pretty result.

The game looks great, if I had a Wii I’d be all over it.

I hope 2D makes a comeback at some point.

Get a DS? :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks great. It’s good to see that 2D has not been forgotten on home consoles.

And for those who are not aware, (But let’s face it, who isn’t)
This game is the spiritual successor to Odin Sphere.

Defaultly making it awesome and anyone who disagrees “gay”.

I’ll be hacking my Wii and importing this NAO.

Along with Tatsunoko and some other pish.

hack it, why not just use the old intro screen disk exchange trick.

Cos it’s no trouble at all to enable the homebrew channel, and then you don’t have to disc swap every time :slight_smile:


hack it, why not just use the old intro screen disk exchange trick.[/quote]

That only works on Gamecube games, and the Action Replay boot disc doesn’t work with current firmware.

Also, the homebrew channel runs your games in a sandbox of sorts, they can’t update the firmware.

Updating an English speaking Wii with Japanese firmware kills it.

Definitely getting this. Seeing as how Odin Sphere was just awesome but bogged down by slowdown.

I’m definitely going to get this soon, just need to save up money.

Game is out in Europe now,

EDGE only gave it 6/10, automatically meaning that this sucks dicks as EDGE’s opinion is the correct opinion. :anjou_angry:

Oh wait that’s right EDGE magazine are possibly one of the most self righteous publications on the face of the earth, who actually stop writing reviews to blow smoke up their own ass at the back of the magazine on a regular basis.

Bringing us to our conclusion:

Nobody pay attention to EDGE. Unless of course you enjoy paying ?6 for 100 odd pages of worthless drivel concluded by a cluster-fuck of rants and company advertisements at the end of each issue.

It mostly got good reviews. I think everyone who knows what he’s getting into will love it for what it is. But someone who just wants the next flashy FPS and is forced to play this in order to review it will obviously miss the point, as he lost the whole point of video gaming years ago, if he ever had it. Sadly, there are even worse reviewers out there (read oobob’s response in the comments). I haven’t gone too far in the game as I don’t have too much time, but it’s an excellent hack & slash so far (I’m only past the first boss with the male character). Play on Shura difficulty, tough and awesome.

Oh no, did someone write a negative review.

Positive or negative makes little difference as long as they actually play the game. If you refer to my post, that review includes a ton of factual errors and the person admits to have only spent 3 hours with the game. Though it was probably even less given how many things he got completely wrong, as oobob’s response shows.

There is a difference between a negative review and a lot of shite written by people who think they are being professional when actually they have already made up their mind that they don’t like something before presenting their opinion and conjecture to you as established fact.

Who gives a shit.

No, bear with me for a moment.

You both clearly like the game. Why do you even care what some random dumbshit on some obscure reviewing website that I’ve never even heard of until it was linked by Al3xand3r, says about your latest game of choice? If you didn’t notice, there’s 49 other reviews for anyone who is bothering to read reviews in the first place, and the grand majority of them gave it positive scores. Even if they weren’t, why does it matter when you are having fun?

In fact, why are you reading game reviews for a product you already purchased in the first place?

I merely made an observation following Chizzles’ comment. Forums like this are hardly meant to discuss life threatening issues and nothing else. Might as well not discuss or make observations about anything at all since it’s apparently not important enough for anyone to care. Discussing things doesn’t mean they affect me personally, I’m just, you know, posting stuff on a forum. Why does it annoy you enough to complain about it and try to show me I shouldn’t do that? Is that so important to you, as you imply I can only talk about such things if they’re so important to me? Though, you know, when it comes to little niche games like this every sale counts and people who claim to be professionals that affect the game’s metacritic score or affect a particular audience that visis their website can make a difference, so I don’t see why it’s wrong for people to point out they make that difference without having a well informed opinion. Still, how important that review is or isn’t in the grand scheme of things wasn’t my point at all. I like gaming, it’s my main hobby, I follow games, reactions to them and their industry in many different ways. Sometimes I talk about it too. I’m sorry if that offends you so much but I’ll keep doing it.

If you want to know what set me off:

…it was pretty much that pretentious bit of “I know what real gaming is” commentary, as if your idea of what constitutes fun is the only acceptable standard. The point of gaming, like any other form of entertainment, is to be entertained. The guy wasn’t entertained. He may have conveyed his feelings with inanity and false information, but it doesn’t change the fact that he clearly didn’t like what he played. And that’s that.

Anyone who’s reading reviews in the first place is likely to be reading multiple sources and wouldn’t be making a purchasing decision based on an obscure website’s opinion. Individuals who actually do make a decision based on one review is more inclined to be reading Gamespot or IGN. This obscure website will have virtually no impact on this niche game’s sales. I promise.