Not fair

how come you don,nt like me

Meh. We all love ya. :slight_smile:

Just stop posting questions that are answered elsewhere, though. Plus, if you have anything to say about one of our current topics, post it there, rather than starting a new topic.

Emmz, I don’t hate you but I don’t love you either.

Listen, stfu.

Gehn! That was mean!

Emmz, I know this may sound harsh, but I mean it in the nicest way possible: you are kind of ignorant as to how the boards work. Don’t worry; you’ll catch on.

We don’t hate you. Don’t worry. :slight_smile:

Listen the girl clearly means trouble.She’s Nevey’s age so she has enough brain.The problem isn’t not knowing how a board works, the problem is the pointless of her posts.

I fail to see why I should love her.I don’t know her.I usually am a nice guy to new commers but that doesn’t necessarilly mean that i like them.It’s just a sorts of benefit of the doubt.

… You are cruel. You know that? Cruel…

So you are saying I should welcome people that say ridiculous things?

Remember ISuccessLife??I can argue you were cruel with him and his partner.


I’m not even sure if you got the name right, but it still haunts me…

Go ahead Gehn! BE CRUEL! BE CRUEL!

hides under table

I’m in a “Justice” mood girl.Move along.

… I’ve heard that somewhere else, but…

I’m actually with Gehn on this one.

… Okay. Okay. So my “be nice” opinion is my own…

Don’t make me look like a bully.I’m one of the nicest guys towards new commmers around here.


I admit. You are…

Emma is actually older that me… it’s just that she’s dyslexic and also happens to ‘go insane’ from time to time for attention. As you can probably imagine, she isn’t too popular in school either.

I’ve told her to stop doing this, and if she does it again i’m going to stop her posting at all. And believe me, I can…

be an obnoxious moron.

Why she hasn’t been banned for all the spam I’ve seen is beyond me, because on any other forum, she would’ve been warned, then if it persist (which it did), she’d be banned.

I’m with Gehn too. Isn’t this like, only the second time Neil, Gehn, and I have agreed on something?

Nope. You also detested the original Azel poster on Die Welt. I think.

I dind’t.At least not that i recall.

It’s about the third or fourth time.

Regardless, these forums are not the place to dick around (aimlessly.)

And they aren’t a chat room.