Noob alert

Konnichi wa. I stumbled onto this site via The Art of Panzer Dragoon site, and after being muchly impressed by the theories I thought “What the heck, I’ll join their forum too.” So… here I am now. ^.^

Welcome.My name’s Pedro too.Damn you! :stuck_out_tongue:

If it comforts you, it’s a nickname a few friends have given to me many years ago. XD It’s the hispanic varient of my real name y’see.

Welcome to the forums.

Thank ye. ^.^

Well I’m not spanish mind you.I’m Portuguese.Granted they are both latin languages…

Portugal is to Spain what Canada is to America =P

And yeah, welcome Pedro. ^^

[quote=“Shadow”]Portugal is to Spain what Canada is to America =P

And yeah, welcome Pedro. ^^[/quote]

What?A more civilized,safer and richer country?

Hey, welcome to the forums.

Not quite what I meant, no.

Thanks for the welcome in any case. XD


I would just like to point out that your avatar kicks large amounts of ass.

Welcome to the Will of the Ancients, Pedro.

Greetings, and good will to thee

More thanks, and nice to see a Kurosawa(and/or Mifune) fan around here. :anjou_happy:

Hi there! I’m a newb, too.

OMG SUPER LEET ICONS! :anjou_happy:

[size=150]SPAM![/size] :anjou_angry:

Ban me, Solo, you know you want to! :anjou_love:

Yes, ban him Solo! You know I want to! I mean… you… you want to…

I’ve been a member of this forum for only one-month less than you, Shadow, so show some respect! FEEL THE POST COUNT!

Your attempts at spamming at laughable to say the least.You should take some classes with Shadow.:stuck_out_tongue: Welcome btw.