Hello. Im Hubbs and I am a fan of the PD series. However I only own PDS and PDO. I’ve always wondered if there was a fan site and I am happy to have found one.

I’m going to post a thread about my stream in the PD forum since I have recently started to stream PDS. Im am going to play it through to completion. I almost did so a few years ago but my saturn died and erased all data somehow on my catridge.

Aside from enoying PD games and streaming, I also run 2 of the bggest videogame tournaments on the east coast, Winter Brawl and Summer Jam. The tournaments consists of all fighting games.

Anyway… thank you for letting me waste your time.

Welcome Hubbs. Just checked your PDS videos. Always cool to see more fans and more word of mouth surrounding the series however small. If one or two people check videos such as yours it’s a good thing in my book considering how few people got to know what PDS was even all about (and how awesome it was). Cheers.

Thanks. And as a matter of fact I’ll gladly allow free use of my videos as references for any future guides and what not that may be needed.

Welcome matey. We’re keeping the memory of PD alive!

Good to see people still joining :smiley: