hi guys!.. ADMITTEDLY, I don’t really have much to say. I’m new, have lurked in these boards and this amazing website for years, and just got around to making an account because you all seem pretty cool.

seeya around!

You are most welcome, puretype. Glad you got past the initial registration problem that we discussed. :anjou_happy:

Perhaps you could tell us which Panzer games you’ve played or any theories that you have regarding the storyline?

Yaaaay newperson!

I played Orta first, then got interested in the rest and played Saga. I did try to complete Panzer Dragoon and Zwei, but I’m terrible at shooting games and never finished them… though I should probably pick them up again and do that.

as for theories, I don’t really have any yet, because I’m kinda uncreative. :frowning: if I think of some, I’ll see if I could share them though!

I recommend that you give Zwei another try. If you can beat Orta, you should be able to see Zwei through to the end. The final boss of Panzer Dragoon Zwei is much easier than Abadd.

The original Panzer Dragoon is another story though. Due to it being the first game in the series, the controls aren’t very refined, making the game quite a challenge. The forest level is the hardest episode in the series.

… actually, I never even beat Orta by myself. my brother completed the game for me while I just watched, which, yeah, is kinda shameful. I forgot exaclty which episode I kept dying on, but I would replay Orta as well if I have my xbox. I’m in college now and one of the only games/systems I brought with me was my Saturn and Saga.

Don’t be ashamed puretype, I’m sure you’re not alone at all. This series is defined by shooters, yet it’s signature title is an RPG… which are about as exclusive genre demographics as you can get I think? One is the epitome of twitch gaming, the other is, well not at all. PD was sort of my ultimate gateway to RPGs, but it probably doesn’t work the other direction quite so easily, since it seems like you just are or aren’t a shmup gamer.

I consider myself a shooter fan, yet it’s not pure twitch mechanics that necessarily draw me in, but the tactics. Ikaruga and Panzer Dragoon Orta are two of my favourite shooters for this reason. They don’t rely entirely on reflexes. You have to know the right form to use for the given situation.


The shooters are indeed tougher than Saga, but practice makes perfect. I know you’re in college, but beating the game will probably take 30-40 mins to complete (add 10 mins for dying) so you’ll have enough time to finish your homework :). Plus there is the save feature in zwei which will let you resume from your last mission.