New to forum, also a question

well, this forum says you can introduce yourself here, so i hope im not making a mistake doing this.
i have to say panzer dragoon saga is undoubtedly (in my opinion) the greatest game of all time, despite graphics or whatever. i only recently found another copy of the game for ?90 as my copy was scratched up by a young family member :frowning: .

I had no idea a website like this existed, and only found it by accident. I look forward to spending one hell of a lot of time on here while talking to you all.

i noticed just after posting this that a large number of people on here also seem to be fans of the Myst / Riven series of games (my second favourite series). am i right in this? or is it just some dilusion i have in trying to blend in? it got me thinking about how the two series of games put a lot of work into visuals and soundtracks, maybe that has something to do with it…

Salutations and welcome, Atolm4, we all hope that you enjoy your time, and commend you for your excellent taste in computer games :wink:

Bad luck on the fate of your original Saga CD, by the way. :anjou_sad:

As for our affection for the Myst series, you genuinely need to speak to Gehpnaet, who so obsessively adores the series I swears he spends all of his time pasting “Releeshan” onto the covers of books in the hope that he can one day get Atrus’s autograph. :anjou_happy: However, he left on holiday a few days ago and won’t be back for a fortnight. We hope we can keep you all entertained in the meantime, however, there’s lots of content on the main site to much through.

Welcome! I’ve never played Myst myself, but one day I might. It is the kind of game that could appeal to me, but I have a backlog of games to get through first =P

iv’e read most of that already, hehe. the second i found this site i sat here like a sponge and read through until 3 in the morning. ive gotta say that it looks like a huge amount of time and effort has been put into this site, and its obviously paid off. did one person write all that information for characters / history?

Yeah this site is amazing =)

And yeah, Gehn is your Riven/Myst guy
However I read the review of Riven once… if that helps >_>

and welcome =)

Welcome! Hope you will enjoy it here.

The site was created originally by Solo, but has gotten additions submitted to it by a wide variety of people, many of who are on the boards as well, if not all. Anyone, as far as I am aware, is able to contribute if they have something interesting to share, just send over an e-mail to Solo Wing Dragon or Geoffrey Duke.

That’s certainly correct - I’ve had two published on the site [/plug] and I’ve just dispatched an article to Solo whose theme is is discussing the etymology of the title “Panzer Dragoon”…

…well, the Articles section was looking rather lonely with just two entries… :anjou_embarassed:

I agree!

I’m a Myst fan too.

Welcome to the forums, Atolm4… hope you like it here. A fourth incarnation of Azel’s dragon would be interesting.

like it? it’s excellent! and i never really thought of my screen name in that way before, it’s just what i have always used if atolm is taken, lol. but yeah that would be interesting…

Well, we all know that Lagi would give Atolm a pasting however many times the big black wannabe came back to take another crack at him… j/k :stuck_out_tongue:

lol, yeah, but you’ve gotta admit that sometimes it can get a bit frantic, especially with those damned healing orbs…damn them!

Shorah! :anjou_happy:

Welcome.I hope you like it here.You just reminded me.Myst V’s demo must be out already and I still haven’t downloaded it!!

(and yes I’m a big Myst fan (the only game I still have to play is Uru) specially a RIVEN fan.Gehnfor life! :P)

I finally got Riven a couple of days ago - in a perfect condition box with the instructions - for only ?2! My lunch was more expenisve than it!

I haven’t got around to playing it yet (not been able to, what with us moving house and getting the computer upgraded/fixed), but I should be able to soon. If it’s even half as good as i’ve heard, i’m gonna love it. :anjou_happy:

ive only played myst, riven and exile myself. unfortunately myst was a mac version, and been as the moniter exploded, i can no longer use it, lol. are the other games actually linked to the storyline of the originals? id like to get hold of them once i have some money…

Myst IV Revelation and Uru : Ages Beyond Myst (altho this one is actually more of a spin-off not a seuqel story wise).Myst IV is awesome.You should play it asap.

The last chapter of the series has been announced.Myst V : End of Ages is it’s name.

Unfortunately it IS going to be the last chapter in the series and Cyan are moving towards a new project called Latus.

The good news is the Myst V demo is alreday out and I got a chance to play it a while the last hour or so.

The graphics are very good and the facial expressions of the characters are indeed very cool but I hope the final versions is a bit smoother.

While the water (etc) effects are breathtaking the sea, the sky and the ground aren’t blend in as seemlesslly as I would like.They seem 3 distinct layers.

The age featured is actually the one most people have seen by now.Noloben.The beach age with quasi-sunset background.

The controls aren’t bad.Yes in case you didn’t know yet Myst 5 has a FPS like control scheme if you want to.I’ll have to play more to actually say anymore but I’m gettinga good vibe so far.

sounds like they’ve made quite a few changes, sad that they are ending the series though. must remember to look for the remastered version of myst, that looks great too. do you have an address for a pc demo of myst V? my mac is kinda…blown up, and all the demo’s i could find were for macs

Hi. Not sure if I can welcome you as I haven’t been here myself much in the last few months. However, I just wanted to say,

Best. Avatar. Ever.

lol, thanks. its my favourite clip ever from the game. id make more but the free trial ran out on Ulead gif animator 5 >_< and i cant find any other software capable of doing a good job without plastering its logo across the screen. if anyone can tell me of or lead me to something good it would be really appreciated.