New Panzer Dragoon game? EGM seems to think so

I just got the latest issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly in the mail today. For the past few months I have eagerly awaiting hearing news of this, and here I found it today, in the rumors section (key word: rumor. Don’t get your hopes up just yet.)

Still, just by skimming the article, they seem unusually convinced. Plus, EGM is a pretty reliable magazine; and its one of the hottest gaming mags right now, so I found this quite cool.

I just sent Solo an image so hopefully he’ll be able to put it up soon. Here’s what the article says:

"Sega’s dragon
not grounded

Despite a recent internet hoax and Panzer Dragoon Orta’s less-than-stellar sales on the XBOX, The Q hears that yes, the dragon will fly again. A new title, allegedly much closer in style and tone to Saturn’s cult hit Panzer Dragoon Saga, is expected to surface soon."

“Expect some role-playing elements in the next Panzer Dragoon.”


A new Panzer RPG on top of the two new Shining games in development would truly make my day.

Not too long ago I thought the Fallout, Panzer Dragoon and Shining series were all dead and buried. It’s nice to be wrong for a change.

I haven’t recieved any email from you…

Lets hope their is some truth in this rumour.

All these friendly dainty happy little rumors about a new Panzer RPG. :slight_smile:

If they aren’t remotely true, I’m gonna kill myself. o.0

that is very arousing…

but i kinda wanted another shooter first :confused:

Just got the image:

[quote=“Megatherium”]that is very arousing…

but i kinda wanted another shooter first :/[/quote]

Chances are this might indeed be the last PD series.

So it must be an RPG.

[quote=“Neil”]Chances are this might indeed be the last PD series.

So it must be an RPG.[/quote]

I hope there’s no shortage of decent villains in the game!

What makes EMG think we’ll see the game “soon”? Soon as in soon, or soon as in years? Imagine if the game had secretly been in development for a year or so now.

SEGA works in odd ways, Geoff. It wouldn’t suprise me one bit.

You know, Abadd seems awefully quiet about this. Of course, his silence speaks volumes. :wink:

I still say that we strap him to a chair and hook a car battery to his groin until he talks

Very spunky! Of course, now I need to change my pants…

hmmm EGM has always been a favorite magazine of mine… well this makes me a bit more hopeful eh? =)
Hopefully this is just not a mere rumor.

Sweetness. The suspense is already killing me.


Did nobody see my post in the other thread where the guy “announced” the Sega line up for E3?

Did nobody notice that PDS2 was in that list, and I said the entire list was full of crap?

I wonder where EGM’s rumour originated. Wishful thinking I suppose.

Maybe when they made Orta, SEGA developers programmed the engine to support a RPG in the near future. It would be a wise move to recycle the technology.
So if the engine is already made the only work necessary is the art stuff (models, textures, songs, script, voices, etc).

EDIT.: Of course, I’m using wishful thinking too!

I tell you…

1 of my Dreams have come true…

New Shining games… more then 1 of them… 3 OF THEM!!!

all i need now is
a new PD RPG,
Skies of Arcadia Sequal,
Shenmue 3,
Sonic Advantre 3 (yes i know sad but true)
Nights into Dreams ;p

Now I know at least 2 of them just aint going to happen anytime soon
the others i can pray for.

"SEGA works in odd ways, Geoff. It wouldn’t suprise me one bit."
Yes, yes they do! But… sometimes unfortunatly there odd ways
Can get them in truble!

Well one things for sure : this is liek the fifth source spouting the same name.

This must mean something,even if it isn’t a PD game…

Or perhaps the source of this info used a bit of game-developer’s common ambiguity when talking to the media…

All these rumours that have sprung up about a new PD game are certainly what we want to hear, but then again the build up to E3 is always hunting season for what people want to hear, whether it’s true or not. At least it won’t be long before any false rumours are firmly layed to rest, for the time being at least…