New Panzer content ideas thread

Post any ideas you have here. They may not actually happen, but I think this would be a great opportunity to share what members can think of that would be a worthy addition to the online Panzer Dragoon community. Ideas don’t have to be realistic, they can be as far fetched as you like - I just think it would be great to see what we could come up with and maybe some people here might see a great idea that someone else posted and make it a reality themselves. I think there has been far too little fan content recently.

So to start us off, I think that it would be cool if someone made some simple Panzer fan-made games, even if they were “choose your own adventure” text based games. More fan fiction would be a plus too.

Well I’ll post that Idea I had posted ages ago on the other forum about two games that mix and match elements of the RPG and Shooter PD games.

For the first one vision this:
You are in a city same as in panzer dragoon saga. You walk around, talk to ppl, use objets etc. You go to the city exit. You find yourself in a worldmap similar to final fantasy tactics, able to chose the next destination from the available places. You put the cursor over the next city and hit the button to go to it. But ? what’s this ? The character doesn’t just go automatically, nor do you suddenly find yourself already in the city. Instead a rail shooter level in the style of the shooter pd games starts with the journey from the place you were to the place you chose to go to. you pass the level, you find yourself in the next city you chose, again exploring it in full 3D.
That would be the core of it, two different types of play, exploration for some places, rail shooter for other places. You would level up by killing enemies and get better stats and new dragon forms, you would be able to skip the rail shooter levels you have already passed atleast once (but you’d miss on the exp points etc) BUT sometimes you would have to do things INSIDE the rail shooter levels, like go back in order to rescue someone or defeat a boss that wasn’t there before but has appeared now due to the storyline etc so you’d have to not skip them to do that.
Basically a simple but propably fun game that adds more depth to the rail shooter genre by adding the stats and exploration/interacting with NPCs elements.

For the second one, imagine EVERYTHING like it was in Saga (and with any improvements able to be done with today’s hardware like massive environments etc etc etc and anything that could improve the rpg aspect of the game.
The battles however would still be random. Every once in a while when you are on the Dragon, the screen would do the familiar swirl or whatever and you’d know you are in for a fight. But what’s this? You control the Dragon in Realtime same as in the shooter games! You can shoot Edge’s gun all the time and every succesful hit fills your berserk gagues. When a berserk gauge is full you can pull down a menu (it also pauses the fight) and chose a berserk to do/preselect or just press a button to use the already pre-selected berserk (as long as you have enough gauges filled to cast it)
Other than that, the game would work like Saga, for example even tho in the battle screen the dragon and enemies appear to be flying and “dogfighting”, when the battle is over you won’t have actually moved from the place you were when the battle started. That could happen at certain boss battles, again same as in saga, for example with the gigra battle. So basically now you have an RPG with more action in the battles. Edge’s gun would deal much less damage since you are able to fire it all the time but like I said it would fill up the berserk gauges with every succesful hit. The mechanics would retain the cycling of enemies from Orta, but ofcourse you’d still level up and gain berserks and forms like in Saga.

It’s not very well written but I hope you understand how I imagine those games.
One would add more depth to the Shooter genre and the other would add more action to the RPG genre.

I like that last idea quite a bit. The only problem with it I can see is that the battles would be over quite quickly, unless the enemies had a lot more HP. A lot of the enemies in Saga and Orta could be killed with one hit. However, I’m sure new tactics could arise from this battle system to make it harder.

I’d love to be able to land the dragon on the ground too, that would make your idea even more interesting.

Getting back to the subject of fan made content, what would you like to see that people on this forum have the skills to make?


I could work on a text based adventure. Would people prefer a computer text-based adventure or a typed one? I suppose the only difference would be that in the computer one you automatically go to the place you want to go to without looking for it.

I would like to explore a bigger city, kind of like Shenmue in a PD setting and have everyone speaking Panzerese.

With plenty of battles out of the city of course.

I could…uh…riot until Sega makes me an RPG…

But no, i guess I could write some sorta plot up. I’ve had ideas for quite a while…

I think it would be great if someone made a webpage entirely about the seekers, with pictures and such.

My current little project is making my own dragon class, although it has no name yet…
That is quite an old pic now…

This one is not done, inking needs to be done and then colors! =D

I have even designed a rider for him, many different ones really, but I have yet to decided on that, or any story. For now it is just a fun little project but I would like to see it expanded some more.

A computerised one would be great, but a typed one would be fine also. Maybe hyperlinked HTML pages?

That looks excellent Atolm, really awesome work you should have done more things like that before! Great color choice too but, yeah, awesome dragon design :smiley:

gets on to Abadd about an unlockable dragon type in the next game

-I want a simple button that can switch between a sort of a on-rails mode(you could actually stop the dragon on it tho; and adjust the speed) and normal exploration like in Saga…

-Either that or : you could always attack and use berserks while exploring and you could “lock” flight so you could rail shoot like the PD shooters.

-Basically a mix of PD on-rail shootin with Saga’s exploration mode.

-Also the use of a gun while walking (with you character) would be good.

-Return of Dark Dragon!!!

-A PD game were your character would play more of a neutral role or even a bad guy role…


Don?t you think much of the tactic from the panzer dragoon saga battles will be lost if it?s more real-time?
I was really dissapointed on how little tactic there was in orta, it was nothing but to shoot, shoot and shoot again, while the saga battles was both exciting and tactical, and the best fighting system in an RPG I?ve ever seen.

But no fighting system is perfect, and I have an idea I would like to share.

Imagine that you are in the beginning of Panzer dragoon saga, in the valley and exploring. Suddently the music becomes more dramatic, and a Baldor comes out from its lair in the mountain side, and is heading right towards you, at high speed.Then the buttons “DOWN”,“A” appear on the screen, just like the QTE in the shenmue games, and if you manage to press the buttons within the time, the dragon dives under the baldor and comes out behind it, where Edge shoots the creature with his gun, and the baldor falls down and dies, all in a flashy effect.
If you fail, you will have to fight the baldor in regular Panzer dragoon saga fight, with improvements of course, if it should be in a sequel.

The button combinations should be unique for each enemy and number 0f enemies you face, and it should of course have something to do with the best tactic against the enemy in regular pds-battle.
This should of course only happen when you face common enmies and not when you face bosses.

So, what do you think?

I think both me and Gehn found good ways to mix all that make the panzer series. Exploration and action.
So, no I don’t think it would be a “bad” thing to make a game like any of our ideas as a sequel doesn’t have to be as tactical as Saga or as on rails as Zwei or anything, it just has to be a great game on it’s own no matter what kind of gameplay they go for :slight_smile:
If you wanted strategy you shouldn’t have bought a shooter by the way…

QTEs in a panzer game could be neat I guess, it depends how they make the rest of it :slight_smile: but it’s not that big an enhancement just some cool scenes scattered throughout the game like in Shenmue, nothin that will make the game all that different…

By the way I think that (because of me and my first reply) we are off topic, I think Solo meant ideas about things that could be done by other ppl, not ideas about how a next panzer game could be…ideas for the community (correct me if I’m wrong Solo plz)

The people who created Orta would have given the basic mechanics of an RPG a lot of thought by now. However it turns out, it will be the realisation of a long process of creative thinking. What developers have trouble with is how they can actually implement their ideas. But with today’s technology almost anything is possible.

Well Geoffrey if they didn’t do things like these it’s cause of the time it would take them…

I believe the next story is already written and the ideas already concieved. It’s just a matter of making everything a reality, which takes time and costs money.

I dunno…
Man they better make something cool and different.I begin to dislike the Orta style a bit more everytime I listen to Saga/Zwei/Eins’s OST…

But don?t you think the next panzer game should have more strategy than orta? Panzer dragoon shooters are pretty lame I think, it?s just the atmosphere and story that?s good, and the rest is just shooting without thought. Both RPG:s and shooters should have strategy, or else they get boring, just like orta.