New NiGHTS and Skies of Arcadia?

Rumours : Link

With all due respect fellow Sega fans, fu*k SoA and NiGHTS (specially NiGHTS since JoD is still pretty new). Why doesn’t PD get it’s own rumors? :anjou_sad:

To quote my post on the forums:

[quote]It is possible that there will be a new NiGHTS announced. It is possible that it will be the best NiGHTS game yet, better than the first one even. It is possible it will sell so well that Sega will be revitalized (both financially and in terms of game quality). It is possible that Sega will make a new console which houses many great NiGHTS games as well as the best Sonic games in years, Yuji Naka is inspired to rejoin Sonic Team. It is possible Sony and Nintendo will drop out of the hardware business to make software for the Sega console.

But it is not very likely![/quote]

[quote=“Gehpnaet”]Rumours : Link

With all due respect fellow Sega fans, fu*k SoA and NiGHTS (specially NiGHTS since JoD is still pretty new). Why doesn’t PD get it’s own rumors? :anjou_sad:[/quote]

dude Skies of Arcadia was AWESOME. how can you say that about a final fantasy 7 rip off with better graphics… and pirates(air pirates at that).
im actually being kinda serious about that. i thought it was overworks that made skies of arcadiaO_o

Because SoA much like NiGHTS (as of late) has it’s own fair share of rumors ( not that they actual mean anything but with yearly rumors you figure it’s a matter of time) and I see nothing on the PD side of things (yeah I’m a PD fan first and foremost)…

I’m actually planning on getting a GC (gave up on the Wii idea) so I can play a few games; one of which is Skies of Arcadia : Legends. I respect both franchises (the original NiGHTS is one of my favorite games ever) but I’m sick of feeling like PD is the bastard child among Sega’s franchises.

Skies of Arcadia is infinitely more marketable than Panzer Dragoon will ever be, I’d like a new PD as much as anyone, but if all they’re willing to give right now is a new SoA, I’ll take that too.

However, there’s honestly one of these lists every few years, and most of the time all the classic revivals turn out to be false so I’m not holding my breath.

"I’m sick of feeling like PD is the bastard child among Sega’s franchises"
you havernt heard of Alex Kidd have you? :slight_smile:

Re: Nights and Skies - not true. Definitely not happening.

Re: Panzer being the bastard child of Sega - really? You mean a game that has had 4 iterations is more of a “bastard child” than other games (like Skies) that have only had 1?

Link1987 : I have. Within the realm of possibility though… :stuck_out_tongue:

Abadd: Well I did say franchise and Skies of Arcadia can’t really be considered a franchise. From the games that do have more than one iteration (Legends doesn’t really count) PD never seemed like games that were supposed to sell that much in the first place. I think PD is a lot more “explorable” that most of other Sega’s franchises. Not exploitable, explorable.

Ah, I see your point :slight_smile:

Well neither is a proven cash cow or anything so Abadd’s denunciation there works for me… I will say though, that Skies of Arcadia could be a good idea, it’s a standard - and so very exploitable - formula with a proven and unique setting. I’d actually hope to see the series continue somehow. It’s just that RPG’s in general are a risk now, maybe a DS sequel though…

I honestly can’t even hope for a new Panzer Dragoon from SEGA in their current straits, even assuming a team that really really wanted to make something special, it’s hard to imagine they’d have the freedom required to realize it right now.


OK, would you like a more diplomatic qualification for that Abadd?

Even PDO was a big disappointment for many people, but those Smilebit games were some of the last from the label to have (this is subjective obviously) that SEGA of old quality of creativity for it’s own sake. Obviously the various financial non-performers - which includes virtually everything on XBOX that wasn’t already a proven franchise, as well as plenty of PS2 games - from the first few years after DC was killed, put the last nails in the coffin for that Utopian (and mythical, I KNOW) model we used to love.

The overall industry climate isn’t the same anyway, and as we all know PD just simply isn’t mainstream, and only mainstream games can justify the kind of production we have come to expect from this series.

Come to think of it that is a great way to put it.

I was more wanting clarification on your “freedom” wording. Just wanted to clarify that it isn’t just a lack of freedom. There are still many creative and talented individuals at Sega Japan. They just aren’t focused in the right direction, in my opinion.

Don’t get me wrong Abadd, theoretically I’d be ecstatic to see almost any new Panzer Dragoon… but I’m sure I’ve had this convo before, certainly any attempt at a sentimental follow up to Azel would necessitate a budget that would never be green-lighted. And another shooter has virtually zero chance to sell well, on paper. Though a Wii shooter seems at least worth consideration, anything on the Wii couldn’t have the absolute visual impact we associate with the series either, in context of it’s generation.

And the other question is if whether or not the Wii audience at large wants something like Panzer Dragoon…

Panzer Dragoon Wii: Monster Tour Scrapbook

the wii audience will buy anything, especially if it isnt made up of a million micro games

It’s hard to say at this point. It’s very chicken-and-the-egg. The vast majority of the games on Wii are family-oriented, because that’s what seems to sell. The only “mature” games released on the console have been, with a few exceptions, very established IPs. The only serious new IP that was released on Wii that comes to mind was No More Heroes, which hasn’t really sold all that well. That could be explained by the bizarre concept/gameplay etc, but it’s all conjecture.

The biggest problem is that most of the non-family games on Wii are ports of PS3/X360 games… so most of the people who are interested in those titles will pick them up for the other consoles, rather than the Wii.

It’s tough to say either way, because it’s a very big gamble to go exclusive on Wii with a concept that would likely sell better on X360 or PS3.

Sega just needs to sell their Panzer Dragoon IP to the highest bidder, as they are no longer capable of producing a game of the same caliber as Azel. The majority of the talent which made Azel possible to begin with have all left Sega, anyway.

Now, I’m not saying that Sega doesn’t have any talent left, which isn’t the case at all - they just don’t currently have the ‘proper’ talent to pull something like Azel off again. And, as others pointed out, even if the talent was still there, it would not be allowed to create another title with the same or greater caliber as Azel because the market mindset has changed – it’s all about what the mainstream wants. And we all know how stupid the mainstream is.

Sega needs to sell the Panzer Dragoon IP and let someone else take up the reigns and take the risk of completing this wonderful story.