New member, long time SEGA fan

Hey all! Thought I’d post an obligatory “hello” message. I’m Barry from SEGAbits (if the banner in my sig and my avatar weren’t enough of a give away).

Been a PD fan since the late 90’s when I bought a Saturn, used, as well as a slew of games which included Panzer Dragoon Zwei. Since then I’ve picked up the original, as well as Orta when it first released to the Xbox. In fact, Orta and JSRF are the reasons I got the console and stuck with MS through to the 360.

Anyway, glad to be a member here and hopefully I can get myself a copy of PDS soon. :anjou_happy:

Hi Sega bits, Welcome !

Your video is on the front page of this website !

We discussed about of your video end you panzer dragoon adoration within the comments of your video. on youtube, i am PXLISATION.

Sorry for my english, i’m french :slight_smile:

Welcome again

Welcome, Barry. I hope you get a chance to play through Panzer Dragoon Saga soon, it is a must play Sega title.

Welcome dude. Always great to see another Sega fanboy. We’re far and few between these days :anjou_sad: