New in the forum...Hi guyz

Well, I’m new in here although I own every Panzer game,I’d like to say hi to you ppl and ask you something:are there no in-site avatar images?Di I need to get one off-site?Thats all,I look foreward to having a good time in here :slight_smile:

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Greetings, and enjoy your stay at the Will of the Ancients forums!
And to answer your question, at present you can only link to an offsite avatar, and not upload your own. However you may upload one of your own images to somewhere such as and then link to that.


Your signature confuses me and is improperly capitalized, so I like it.

I’m turkish so whatch out!Apart from that : welcome to TWOTA :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forums.

Welcome to TWotA, FiOth.

For some reason the avatar uploading feature screwed up, so I disabled it.

There is no list of avatars to choose from because I’d rather see creativity by people making or obtain their own (I can make them for people if they want…), that way we won’t get an army of Zadocs :slight_smile:


always nice to have some new people here.


Your signature confuses me and is improperly capitalized, so I like it.[/quote]

Really now my friend?I thought the meaning was pretty obvious.Give your soul to something you love and when you come to finally understand it you will be happy :slight_smile:

Well,well consider me Mr.Faceless from now own then…That’s if I don’t manage to get a nice picture o PD’s Main char…Edge is kinda…“slow”

I’m newish myself… but welcome anyway, never played any other PD’s apart from Orta. It’s the only rail shooter I can play, I can’t play 2d ones cos I’m terrible at them.

Salut. Beware of Gehn, he’s not all there.

Don’t, you…brittish!

Welcome to the forums, FiOth.

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I remember the old forums with the list of avatars… =)
You know i really liked that forum style a lot

Me too, it was nice a simplistic (although the unlimited length of the pages did get a bit out of control!)

I found this old topic from 2004 after receiving a Twitter DM from @FiOth. We’ll be sharing some streams of the Panzer Dragoon games that they’ll be posting on their YouTube channel.

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That’s the idea! Will be letting you know beforehand so you can share it and bring in the Dragoons! :smile:

Welcome mate

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Been here for 18 years now my man… thank you though! :smiley:

I was trying to be sarcatsic. I guess I should have used a smiley LOL