New guy

Hello everybody, my name is Filipe and i?m new to this forum.

I played Panzer Dragoon 2 and Saga and finished both.

Panzer Dragoon is my second favourite series loosing only to Metal Gear Solid.

I never met another Panzer Dragoon fan in person and i hope i enjoy my stay here.

Welcome Filipe :slight_smile: Hope you like it here.

It’s been a little quiet lately for whatever reason, but I’m sure you’ll find yourself at home with fellow Panzer fans here. And it’s a sad thing that you’ve never met another Panzer fan in person. Mind if I ask where you’re from?

I?m from the Azores in Portugal.

Welcome Filipe. It’s good to have a new face around here. :anjou_happy:

Bem vindo. ? fixe ver mais pessoal portugu?s por aqui :slight_smile:

Ah, another from Portugal!

I’m over in the San Francisco, California area :slight_smile:
We’ve got people from all over!

N?o sabia que havia portugueses por aqui, de onde ?s mais precisamente?

Os tugas t?o mesmo em todo o lado :anjou_happy:

Oh lord, now there’s two of them.

No, just kidding. Welcome aboard :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum!

Hooray for new members!