New Guy here

Kind of neat to see such an active forum for a series of games that are a bit “retro”.
I own Panzer Dragoon, Zwei, and Saga for my Saturn. I do also own a copy of Orta,
But I don?t own an Xbox. I was going to get a 360 because of the B/C of the Xbox,
but ended up with a PS3. So I have accuatly only tried Orta a couple of times on a
Friends Xbox360. Hoping for an emulator so I can play Orta whenever I want.

Hey, welcome to The Will of the Ancients! It’s nice to see new faces coming here. :anjou_happy:

There’s a guy out there working on an Xbox emulator called Cxbx, make sure you keep an eye on his blog and the Cxbx official discussion forum. The emulator can run Orta, but very slowly and with many graphical glitches. Unfortunately, that version is not available yet.

Welcome, Jasonnin.

The emulated Panzer Dragoon Orta on the 360 has a few problems (especially the PAL version) so you might be better off finding a cheap original Xbox to play the game.

While it does have a few glitches, they’re just graphical and require a “retry level” to fix. The NTSC version is fully playable on the 360. Everything works, even the extras in Pandora’s Box.

I would get the NSTC version, since im from the U.S. However i already have a ps3. Maybe when its at the end of its life cycle. (cheap then) Or a original xbox is an idea.

The framerate drops in a few places too, but you’re right it’s certainly playable otherwise (for NTSC users anyway).

I only noticed frame rate drops while using the base dragon berserk attack on places with a lot of geometry and/or effects, such as the middle of Episode 2 (the battle in the forest) and certain places of Episode 7. The frame rate also dropped due to graphical glitches – some models didn’t load correctly and everything was screwed up. A couple of videos stuttered a bit too. Anyway, it runs very smooth pretty much all the time.

It’s mainly the video sequences. Quite noticeable if you’ve played the game on Xbox, but it doesn’t to alter the experience too dramatically.

Well, i went ahead and bought a Xbox (original) off ebay! I hope the wife doesnt divorce me. LOL

Well, that’s easy to avoid. Just let her play Panzer Dragoon Orta too. :anjou_happy: