New gaming forum

I’ve created this forum as the Holy District seems to be mostly about games/the gaming industry which overshadows any other topics that are posted there. I haven’t quite decided on a name for yet… Shadow wants to it to be named after a place with monsters in it, since in many games you fight monsters.

I’m thinking “The Village of Cainus” might be a suitable name - it keeps with the tradition of naming forums after settlements, and was a place destroyed by monsters.

All of the non Panzer Dragoon gaming topics from the other forums will be (slowly) moved over to this forum.

How do they name the camp you set up at various parts of PDS? That’s where Edge would take a few minutes for relaxation / entertainment imo :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s not exactly what I said :anjou_happy:

What about Dermot’s Ranch? :anjou_happy:

Pandora’s Box? It’s where you get the fun after you’re done with your journey :stuck_out_tongue:

The Valley?
Tower 7F East?
Garil Desert?
Blue/Red Ruins?
Forest of Zoah?
Forbidden Zone?

God I could probably name every area in PDS. Is this a bad thing?

I think Dermot’s Ranch is the best suggestion so far.

My three choices :

-Pandra’s (PanDra’s) Box.Since it’s not really related with the PD story arc.(I never really the mytho’s name copyright infringement :stuck_out_tongue: [Pandora])

-Underground Ruins of Uru (where games are created and discussed…underground)

Forbidden Land (where electrical storms happen often :anjou_happy: )

I think it was just called “Camp”, which is a bit plain.

But that was the general idea, right, or have I misinterpreted you?

I’d like to name it after a place where people would live or visit, rather than just ships or monsters. Dermot’s Ranch might work, though. I’m thinking something more along the lines of:

The Village of Cainus
The Village of Elpis
Yelico Valley
The Imperial Capital

Edit: This wouldn’t just to be to keep with tradition, but also because you wouldn’t generally find people hanging out in a place like the Forbidden Zone in the Panzer world. It just goes with the theme that each member here is a person in the Panzer world, starting off as a Nomad and eventually becoming an Imperial Citizen or Seeker, etc.

But the vilage of Cainus was destroyed.

So was Zoah… we have two boards named after that.

I think the Holy District will die now

I like “Dermot’s Ranch” as a name also.

Just to clarify, here are the reasons why the current forums are called what they are:

The Seekers’ Stronghold - A last bastion of hope in the Panzer Dragoon world, where a few individuals work together to study and fight against the technology and creatures of the Ancient Age. This can be compared to a few individuals coming together discuss the rare video game, Panzer Dragoon Saga.

The Liberal District - This and the Holy District were named both after the old off topic board on called The Town of Zoah. But also, the Liberal District is a place where anyone can come and settle - likewise, the Liberal District forum is place for people to come and just chat about anything or introduce themselves.

The Holy District - A more serious place than the Liberal District, but still part of the same town (and thus, is still an “off topic” board). This forum also used to require a pass to post, as with the Holy District in the game, but the idea didn’t really work, so I removed the need for a pass.

Well, Dermot’s Ranch is where you go to “play” with virtual animals. I think that’s about as close as it gets to video games within PD-land. Maybe I’m just biased.

No, you make a good point.

I would agree with Dermot’s Ranch… except for one thing. And correct me if I’m wrong here, but isn’t it named after one of the SoA team, and not from the original creators of the game?

I like Pandora’s Box as well, as said it’s not something within the lore of the games, which is appropriate. Is there any other cool name associated with the target practice games in Zwei or Orta? I can’t remember…

My point was that the board should be named after somewhere monsters roam, as more often than not game related topics on these forums are infested with monsters. :anjou_love:

I quite like Pandora’s Box myself as I think it captures what the forum will be about - slightly irrelevant fun.

Does anyone not think that ‘Dermot’s Ranch’ and ‘Pandora’s Box’ seem somewhat out of place? They’re not actually part of the Panzer Dragoon world; they’re added extras that’re there purely to amuse you once you’ve beaten the game. Something like ‘The Village of Cainus’ would be much more appropriate in my opinion, and would keep with the theme of the boards we already have. What say you folks?

I personally don’t think Village of Cainus would be appropriate considering Solo’s past criteria.But apart from my Pandra’s Box choice I do think it should be named after an area present in the game.