New areas

Ok.Suposing somebody out there is bent on doing a PD game let’s give him/her some ideas:

What type of areas would you like to see in PD5?

Describe them.

A thick forest level where the dragoon rider has to survive while seperated from the dragon. Bit like MGS3.

I want to visit the Imperial capital on foot and actually see ships flying overhead.

Aye… and I want on foot combat too!

I would like to explore the ruins of one of the locations from PDS, changed and broken from the destruction of the Great Fall.

Also, another forest level would be nice… I felt that was something that was missing from Orta.

I’d like to see an area within Sestren where the records of the Ancient Age are stored, giving us glimpses of the buildings and environments before they were destroyed.

I want some more Shenmue type quests and environments.

Just so long as we don’t get an Edge like character running around saying “I see” in a lifeless, unemotional tone.

I second that!

Also, a semi-tropical area might be nicely. I mean, most areas in PD are so post-apocalyptic a little sunshine would fit in :wink:

Harsh. Ryo was the life and soul of the party!

Personally I would also like to see a forest level but this time I wanna visit in by night.I wanna be able to go down amidst the trees (suposing you begin on top of them like in Zoah’s Forest in PS).

I want to see some Ancient building myself.

And I agree with Neil to.Maybe an island would be cool.

Also a mountain is in order.

The southerners island maybe? It would be interesting to visit the place where the new Empire ships were built.

Oh yes I forgot about the southerners island…

Maybe that’s where the next game should take place?

It would be interesting to have just part of the next game on that island. There’s no reason why Lagi II couldn’t fly across a small area of ocean to get there.


btw, how long have we been referring to the Lagi offspring as Lagi II? It sounds so…royal and exquisite :slight_smile:

Lagi was a grand dragon, his offspring should be honoured :slight_smile:

Lagi II is prettay kinkay :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope , that if he does appear,that the make him evolve into something a bit different from the dragon in Orta.

Btw,I never asked this question : who would like to see a bigger Lagi?

I mean trhuot PD we have rided “small” dragons compared with GDs and Atolms.

Nah… I liked Lagi just how he is. He was small but powerful, I think a lumbering beast like Atolm would have less personality and give less to the story.

Not unless if you gave him flying hamsters of DOOM!

Anyway, I think that the idea of Orta becoming an enemy should be taken into interest, I would find that very cool indeed.

I would love that idea, yeah. Just think of what she could achieve for the forces of evil!