Neil sings!

So, for anyone who’s wondered why my activity on this forum has again come to a bit of a slump, the answer is found in my participation in out-of-city theatre, and thusly I’ve had less time for the Internet.

Recently, I was in a production of “The King and I”, playing the tenor part, Lun Tha.

I realize I’ve been posting here for years, and while pictures of me have surfaced, no one here has actually seen me in motion, much less me singing.

Enjoy, nerds. :anjou_happy:

“We Kiss in a Shadow”:

“I Have Dreamed”:

Somehow I missed this topic when it was posted back in January, so I only just watched the videos. I must say you’re pretty good at the singing Neil, so keep it up! :anjou_happy:

Nice set of pipes, Neil. =)