Neat Story, Cool Picture

A news blurb about life being found beneath 600 feet of arctic ice is interesting enough, but with my fondness for the Panzer art style I found the accompanying picture especially interesting.

Amazing! Looks so much like the inside of a Panzer Dragoon tower.

Is that shawdowing around the edges of the tunnel? Pretty bad ass.

That is one amazing shrimp, being able to survive in those conditions. The patterns on the ice are very intriguing, too. Those lines running through it make me think that it might have initially been many smaller pieces of ice that might’ve collided and bonded together.
As for the resemblance to the Panzer style, the underwater tunnels in Uru did spring to mind quite swiftly.

Now with video!

That does look pretty cool next thing you knew we’ll be finding giant bugs with luqid in them that can be used as a new fuel sorce