No posts in this forums since September? How disheartening!

Stiiiiill I was wondering, since everyone else on the interwebs is doing it, are any of you doing nano this year?

Really? I don’t know ANYONE else who is participting. On the other hand, I never harbor realistic delusions of winning and, correspondingly, never seek out any NaNoWriMo community.

Also, even though it’s allowed under the rules, I try to not give any forethought to the project. You can probably see where this is going; namely that it’s the 12th and I’ve got ZERO words.

Hope all you storytellers are doing better than I.

I hadn’t even realized it was November/Nanowrimo until a few days ago :frowning: I have a few friends who do it every year, but for whatever reason, they’ve all managed to slack off this year, too.

I’m going to see if I can catch up (never actually made it to the goal), but I highly doubt it =\

I did not manage to finish. I will not be able to finish because November seems to be “HEAP THE WORK ON THE LITTLE KIDDIES OH YESSSS” month at school.

I did get 10077 words though! What about everyone else?