My friend is awesome

A few weeks ago my friend’s room was broken into. Unfortunately, he was borrowing my GBA and copy of Golden Sun at the same time, and that was stolen too, along with a large amount of CDs that he owned.

Anyway, he promised to buy me a new one, despite my protests that it wasn’t his fault. He even insisted that he get me the Zelda limited edition version.

Yesterday, he asked me if I could go put down $20 on the Zelda Limited Edition GBA, as he was unable to do so because he’d be at work and apparently EBGames was planning to take them out of stock soon. However, before I had the chance to do that he txted me saying to drop the idea - he had preordered me a PSP and Wipeout Pure.

Does my friend rule, or what? :anjou_happy:

Can I borrow him?

I’m trying to decide whether or not getting the enemy’s console for free is as much a heresy as owning one normally. :slight_smile:

well aren’t you lucky? I wish my friends would treat me like that. :anjou_sad: Anyway, i feel sorry for him.

thats really cool of him =)
likes solos friend

Wipeout Pure is such a good game, you’ll love.

If only I even had friends… :anjou_disappointment:

Now I KNOW this wasn’t Hervy.

awwwwwwwwwwwwww. Felix, everyone here is your friend. :anjou_happy:

Meh, don’t you think you should atleast introduce yourself before statements like this :slight_smile:
Check the topic named “The Official Extended Profile Thread II” or make your own as a first :slight_smile:
Welcome to TWOTA anyway :anjou_happy:

thanks :anjou_happy:

YAY! Wipeout Pure is one of my favorite games for the PSP :D, and Felix, if you ever get Twisted Metal, I’m General Pacman, though I’m not online much seeing how I have to go to my friend’s house or an internet cafe to do infrastructure :anjou_sad:

hay solo (name serpression) what yah up to? man this is nice to see that people will read about the psp thing. lets start it off. i am in solo’s (name serpression) room and using his pc to write this. while he is on his bed and is reading the eye of the world and we are both listing to Pendulum on pc and xbox with the sinc way out but it is wicked.
weel back to the story i got my room broken into and i was pissed phyicly and angry, well solo (name serpression) had been having a few drinks too.
well i found my room had been cleared (yes even the half naked chick of my wall) i was gutted cd’s dvd’s all gone but no he didn’t steel CIV the bord game or my CnC collection (thank god) but low and behold i checke under the matress and the (-+-/-+) stole solo’s (name sepression) GBA and golden sun, i was (--++-) off. well i told chris he was stunned. and i said i would buy him the limited Zelda edition he keep disagreeing but i felt bad so i said i will no say about it. and i went to eb games the other day and they had just recalled it so right then and there i said “right 2 psp’s and 2 wipeouts pure” and done and done just like that now that made solo’s (name supression) day.

story short the only reason why i am getting a psp is because of solo (name supression) and hes stolein GBA.

by the way i hate play station and ea games so much the (--*+) gaming for good.

but i love wipeout.

megaman5000 signing out


you’re cool :anjou_love:

sorry to bust the general mood of happiness, but just something i thought you should know… the fact that the psp’s square button is so close to the screen has already caused problems ranging from the edge of the screen going wierd colours to the square button melting. when questioned on this sony’s spokesman replied with something along the lines of ‘we think the design is great, people should stop picking complaints and buy one’ which puts me on edge for a start. This added to the fact that sony’s consoles go on a mass strike throughout the world the second they release a new console says to me that thar be conspiracies afoot! although i do have a grudge against them anyway, this is all stuff that i have actually heard.

To quote Dilbert:

“We can either spend a million dollars modifying our incomprehensible interface, or we can close our eyes and wish real hard our customers won’t care.”

for once, someone believes me… i feel so…happy :anjou_sad: lol

Could you point to any reliable source that mentions that flaw? I mean, if it’s real, it’s quite serious and I’m sure Sony would at the very least cover it with the warranty. And also a new model without that issue would likely be introduced soon and possibly Sony would even allow customers to replace their current PSP with a “fixed” model for little to no money. It does sound like it would be too costly for a company to do this but I think that if this issue does exist and it hasn’t just happened on a few defective items, then Sony would be obliged to do it or watch the sales drop to zero once this gets out in the open.

Atolm4, what you are talking about, or what I am pretty sure you are speaking of only happened during the japanese launch with an estimated like .6% of the consoles built for the first shipment. Sony did say they would replace them for free, or fix them for no charge. This problem as far as I know was never reported in the U.S. and is most certaintly remedied for the European launch coming up.

Wait a minute. Solo drinks?! My whole perception of this very Earth has been shattered in an instant. :anjou_sigh:

the site i went to (which i will attempt to find) said otherwise, but by the sound of things they must have been giving out dodgy info. they said that nearly all of them had this problem and they were refusing to fix it.thanks for telling me otherwise :anjou_happy: