Music videos

This influx of PD music videos is quite good, but how exactly do you make them, once you’ve taken the FMV’s off the discs?

Windows Movie Maker, under Accesories, is one way.

Yeah. I think Rune, Nevey, and I all used WMM. o_o

It’s pretty self-explanatory, actually.

  1. Upload the FMVs into WMM. They automatically are cut up into little ‘clips’.

  2. Add the music you want to the timeline/storyboard thingy.

  3. Arrange the clips as you like them on the timeline/storyboard. You can also have some clips overlap for a smooth fade-off look.

  4. Go to Edit —> Audio Levels to get rid of the original sound of the FMVs.

passes out

… You guys are damned technological marvels, you know that? I am so ignorant of technology.

What I am is someone who occasionally gets nosy about all the software installed on her computer. I found out about Windows Movie Maker just by poking around my own machine one day and discovering “Hey, what’s this?” And then I made a music video. :wink:

[quote=“Orta”]passes out
… You guys are damned technological marvels, you know that?[/quote]

lol… yeah technological marvels…

You know what’s sad? I took classes on this junk and I still can’t do anything right.

Heh, I can’t even get past the first step. Pull the FMVs off the disk, hmm, yeah, ok, I’ll get right on it…



I’m having a good day today…