Music and image in perfect harmony

I hope I’m not alone in saying that music is one of the best things ever. Without music and sound, some of the greatest moments in film, television and video games would not be half as good as they were.

So I put it to you…

What is the one piece of music that your video gaming life would be worse off without?

I nominate Club Paris from MSR. I drove the final race with that tune blasting over the speakers at ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM volume. Racing around Tokyo with that music…I love Richard Jacques. Seriously.

My runner up position is Live and Learn from Sonic Adventure 2.

Though though question.

Overland Combat from Soul Reaver 2 and Interception from Panzer Dragoon Ssaga spring to mind.But there are ton of others.

Let’s just say if I could simply choose one song to hear before never playing games agehn I would probably choos eone of my favourites and then regret it because there were at least other 5 that were also brilliant.

St. Gabriel’s Mask from Ecco the Dolphin.

One of the most beautiful tracks to this day, there is just something simply really inspirational about this particular track, even without the whale vocals it is a incredible piece.

I am talking about the version without the song lyrics btw…

Music and image in perfect harmony?

First thing that springs to mind is Rez. If you like the music style it’s quite an experience. Hell, it’s more than that. Plus the gameplay is pretty much Panzer Dragoon without a gun.

But since your question was "What is the one piece of music that your video gaming life would be worse off without? "…hrm…

There are just too many for me…the earliest being Star Light Zone to Landstalker’s credits, from The Expected Enemy to Sona Mi Areru Ec Sancitu…

The very latest being Anu Orta Veniya…it’ll be a while until I get Orta but I heard that song and absolutely fell in love with it…so beautiful. :anjou_love:

:anjou_sigh: I can’t decide.

Love me or hate me, but any of the track songs from Sonic R. THose are amaaazing. :anjou_love:

My fave video game music, and reminds me so much of playing my saturn =(

And yes, as most people should know, Richard Jacques pwns

Heh… well, they aren’t too bad - and they’re quite upbeat and catchy, even with the vocals (which I actually didn’t like that much in the past).

But I can’t really nominate one piece of music that ‘makes’ my video gaming life - because I’m not all that much of a gamer! :anjou_sad:

If I haven’t said it enough, though, Panzer Dragoon’s Staff Roll is a fantastic song in my opinion. I wouldn’t like to name that song as my favourite, however, because I don’t really have one! :anjou_embarassed:

the right music can make a decent boss battle epic and a great boss battle into something unforgettable. that said:

heart breaking encounter - burning rangers
megalomania - gunvalkyrie
grace and glory - jet set radio
the expected enemy - panzer dragoon zwei
da force master - nights

not only do they compliment and greatly enhance the gameplay experience they also happen to be some of my favorite game songs.

Yeah, it’s epic. :anjou_wow:

So is that! :anjou_happy:

Megalith -Angus Dei- from Ace Combat 4 definatly gets my vote. I don’t think I’ve been so obsessed over a music track before. Though when I was younger, I was very partial to track 4 of Sega Touring Car Championship (can’t quite remember the name of the track or the artist).

Grace and Glory was weird

Well here’s some more:

PDZ - Episode 6 (Shelcoof) The music underlines the whole level perfectly, weaving into and out of a gigantic machine. These weird “screeches” at the beginning sound as if it were some deranged creature. Especially after you’ve played PDS it gains a lot more meaning.

A specific track from Rez, Level 5 “Fear” I think it’s called. The soundtrack version isn’t nearly as good as the in-game one though. It included the visions you see at each checkpoint and I felt it was very inspiring.

Oh and the Toejam & Earl theme. Classic. :anjou_happy:

[quote=“Drizzt’s Syn”]

Oh and the Toejam & Earl theme. Classic. :anjou_happy:[/quote]

Oh man I wouldn’t be here today without that game!
Toejam & Earl 2 forever people!

ahem Man thanks for that memory update there…good good memories.

Anyone remember a theme outta Guardian Heroes? When you met up with the Black Knight (gah someone give me his name already) and the guitars rolled in.

SA1…the theme music in the opening video - Open you Heart. Perhaps my first taste of proper 3D gaming, perhaps my first taste of the Dreamcast…that memory of seeing and hearing it for the first time will remain with me for the rest of my days.

Sonic R…PS2, PDS…theres way too many, but I’d have to stick to Open your Heart and the Tomjam & Earl theme (which if anyone can give me tracks from TJ&E 2 or guide me towards where they lay rest…be excellently helpful :D)

More like Toejam & Earl 1 forever, hm? Much better than 2 IMO.

Either way, you could get Gens, a TJ&E2 rom and and record the music (Gens has an option to do so) as the game has a sound test.

Toejam & Earl 1?! But that was trecking across a 2D map looking very much like our very own UK island…the coasts all eaten away.
Indeed, it was amsuing, but it didn’t have the same feel as the awesome sequel. Not only did it have a much higher level of comdey, you could play knock-down ginger for money and presents!

Literally brilliant game…


there’s were some good melodies in that game but it was mostly typical wacky treasure (such as zur’s theme with the kenny G sax solo).

True, but throw in some well placed guitars and I’m amused.

Valgar! Thank you! Finally I can re-name track no.19…

It was. To me, it sounded like a death chant with rave music behind it; stuff the druggies at my school would listen to. It kind of grated my nerves…

But about game music… I can’t decide. I have weird choices that most people say “Dude, that music sucks. How can you like that?” Or “It wasn’t that good.” Like the music to the first Halo and part of the music to Halo 2. I mention it being good and people say, “Well it is, but it isn’t great,” or “It wasn’t exactly fitting for the game.” I don’t know. Maybe I have weird tastes, but…

talking of JSR, on the OST was there a track missing? One from the very first stage?

The end of Sonic 3, both the final boss battle and the song during the credits. Sonic 3 was the first video game I ever truly beat on my own, so those two songs will be forever emblazoned on my brain.

Something interesting I just noticed, by the way, the credits song actually contains the theme from the final boss battle. Or maybe it’s the other way around. Regardless, cool stuff.

I don’t think there’s anything werid about that. Music tastes are entirely opinional anyway, no one can say take away the fact that you think it’s good or suits what’s on the screen even if the majority of people don’t like it. When people say something is good or bad simply because that’s what’s socially expected, or that is the mainstream view, that’s when it’s time not to pay attention to them :anjou_happy:

ahhhhh slightly off topic
Has these “scooby doo” crazes started coming back for any of you? (not the cartoon dog but the stringy plastic you wind up)
They have suddenly come into fasion and everyone loves them.
I bet if i had some last month and started playing with it everyone will be "wtf is that, thats sucks"
Stupid mainstream fads.