Most Creative Forum Member Vote-Off

Three days to vote.

I’m impressed by the names…


No offense but how can KFC even be in this draw?

People voted for him, that’s how =)


Talk about uber-super-charm-powers… :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s the funky white hair =P

My guess would be the Panzerense accent…

Umm, does the name Panzer Dragoon Genos remind you of anything…

But PDGenos didn’t make those cool little clay models :smiley:

No, it just had cool 3D models and a cool CG scene and it only fooled quite a few ppl and even game sites into thinking a real PD game is in the making. And theres that other old PD fake trailer he had done, then all the Orta trailers that were better than the official ones, then the reason he got his name in the PDO credits… I think also the reason Craymen finally got a full name (though I might be mistaken about this one?) Yeah, why vote for him eh? :stuck_out_tongue:

I speak for myself of course, but quantity beats quality imo.

I think of him as more of an inventive person than a creative one :wink:

Sure Gehn, it’s your opinion and you have the right to have it, I was just replying to that thing, it made it sound like it was weird he got voted as a creative member or something so I thought ppl had forgotten the stuff he had done…

Oh and Zhoul’s stuff have quality as well :slight_smile:

My vote went to LC though, Im a sucker for 3D art and direction and all that :slight_smile: Still it was a tough choice especially with a certain few of Zhoul’s models that I absolutelly loved :slight_smile:

I bet if Zzoul made a sculpture of you, you would change your vote, alex :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Creativity is relative. I, in my Warhammer playing frenzy, prefer little models to full CGI hoaxes which fool gamers around the world.