Morrowind (warning: spoilers)

I’ve recently reinstalled Morrowind with both expansions, and for anyone who hasn’t experienced the events of Tribunal for themselves yet, let me tell you you’re in for a few nasty surprises. You can only travel to Mournhold after you’ve survived a few assassination attempts by the Dark Brotherhood whose members wear cool black armour, which incidentally, I couldn’t resist wearing msyelf (by I, I mean my Imperial assassin).

Vivec is the only god of the Tribunal who’s actually maintaining the Ghostfence surrounding Red mountain. I liked Vivec because he chose to become a god for the sake of helping his people, something the Aedra and Daedra (the natural gods) in their selfishness weren’t willing to do.

Well after meeting Almalexia and Sotha Sil (…) I find Vivec far more respectable even though he does spend much of the game trying to have you killed. His rather misguided goals, for the want of a better word, were motivated by noble intentions.

Morrowind is a great RPG because the game world is almost limitless. No other RPG can provide you with the same level of freedom.

I ask: can RPGs get much better than this?

I think we both know my answer to that =)

Not many scenes in video games make me stop in awe and just look, but walking into Sotha Sil’s dome in the clockwork city and seeing him lie there, as if mauled and savaged… it just made me stop. You have to remember that I had been a pretty good citizen of Vvradenfell, learning the history, respecting the tribes… etc. Everything you read about Almalexia and Sotha Sil built them up to be all powerful, noble entities. In that scene it turns out that neither was true, and both ended up dead. It just felt empty, afterwards.

I loved the traps in that little clockwork city (especially the swinging blades). I really thought Almalexia was more enlightened but she was no better than Daggoth Ur. At least Vivec was reasonable in the end.

It didn’t take you long to complete Tribunal did it Shadow? :slight_smile: I deliberately created a new character to make things more challenging when I could have easily continued with my uber character from an old save game I stored on my harddrive.

My character has a past and a history, I could’nt just delete him. Personally I found the clockwork city itself disappointing. Sure it had some fancy stuff, but nothing special.

I’m currently trying to convince a lass who hasn’t heard of Morrowind to buy it. That and Halo =)

Morrowind was no doubt an excellent RPG however I definately think RPGs can/should do better. It was very open ended however this was not completely catered for, e.g. by the time i started on the main quest my guy was already powerfull enough to kill the end boss but they still treated me like a normal guy.
Quests were also rather poor, they were all kill this guy or fetch me this item, this is poor by RPG standards of 5 years ago, let alone today.
Another bad thing about morrowind which really broke the illusion was that there was no recognition for becoming guildmaster in the side quests. Some of them were quite tedious to do and the player should expect a reward however there was no change to the world. e.g. if you were the head of the imperial guard you would still be chided by normal guards for not wearing your armour.
Combat sucked too.
However there were many elements of morrowind that make it a classic, hopefully future RPGs will be able to build on morrowinds example of a free world and fix thier mistakes. Ill be looking forward to when they do!

edit: my favourite part of morrowind was the spell jump. I had lots of jump constant effect items and I could literally jump over cities.

Dang, that post perfectly summed up how I feel about Morrowind. Well done Vyper =)

The only thing Morrowind lacked, in my opinion, was the ability to dual wield.

I’ve started again as a Nord Crusader and am planning to visit the island in which the Bloodmoon expansion is set. I also installed the Siege of Firemoth plugin where I must purge an army of undead from fort Firemoth off the coast of Seyda Neen. Was that included with the X-Box Morrowind GOTY Edition?

…I wouldn’t know… and no one else in the UK would either.

I fucking hate the video game industry.

Me too, sometimes.

I’m looking forward to playing through the Bloodmoon expansion. I’ve read that you can either help defend the Imperial colony of Solstheim from a werewolf infestation that threatens to get out of control, or become a werewolf yourself and totally eradicate the humans invading your homeland. Decisions, decisions. Of course, I’m too noble to allow killer werewolves to go unchallenged.

Almalexia was General Neravar’s wife before the Tribunal removed him from their path to godhood. Well maybe they didn’t kill him but I’m still not sure who to believe. However, you’d think Almalexia would be more pleased to meet the reincarnation of her husband…

Almalexia was a ruthless bitch. You know the type of woman. Maggy Thatcher type hoes.

The seige at Firemoth plugin is good. You take a party to an old Imperial fortress that was overwhelmed by an army of undead. I’ve found quite a few decomposed Imperial soldiers while assaulting the fortress itself.

The Imperials in Vverdenfall talk about the fort in hushed tones for some reason. I can’t overcome a lich/skeletal mage at the end of the foray, however, because he seems to draw on infinite mana (magic) reserves. He casts one lightening bolt after another quickly killing me and my allies.

Btw Shadow, don’t you just love the way the Khajit refer to themselves in the third person?

I am currently searching for a full set of orcish armour but I can’t remember where I last saw an orc fully outfitted in that armour.

The Khajiit did rule, yes ^^ And try looking around Dagon Fel for Orc armor. Theres a load of Orc’s worshipping a shrine there, I think its a shrine to Sheogorad, though not sure.

I just reacquired my favourite blade in the game – the ice blade of the monarch.

Did you ever become a vampire? You must gain speed, agility and strength bonuses from the transition. Vampires don’t offer the same challenge they do in other games. In Baldur’s Gate 2 they’d drain your levels, charm your companions to fight for them, and turn into mist once their health reached dangerously low levels.

There is loads of cool stuff to find in morrowind, ive got a house mod that has armour dolls so I went around collecting full suits of all the armour.

One of my fav. items is the reusable grand soul gem, star of azura.

Azura’s Star just owned.

I never became a vampire, despite many failed attempts to. I was immune.

I did at one point but i didnt like it so i changed back. You can become a vampire even if you are immune, you need to create a spell weakness to common disease self 100 pts. Cast it then you can become a vampire even if you are immune.

I tried, put it didn’t work. Alas, Bluebrand has forever fallen from my grasp.

whats blue brand? Btw my current morrowind character has gotten to the point where he is unplayable, i got addicted to alchemy and made/drank/made better potions of stats now i have 160million INT and it isnt wearing off, ive slept for about half a year and my stats still havent gone down. Interesting point - they say luck affects everything a little in this game, if you have 10 million luck it affects everything A LOT. My character has a casting chance 100% for all spells no matter how powerful because of luck, the luck has far more affect than my 160 million int. p.s. i wouldnt recommend getting a million STR, all weapons break in 1 hit however i did kill dagoth ur permanently with 1 hit which was nice.

I never experimented with the different potions and alchemy. Drugs are bad for you =P

Bluebrand is the enhanced version of Goldbrand, and is also known as Eltonbrand.

Geoffrey, if I was to start a new Morrowind character, what kinda classes n shit should he be? o.o