Money moolah ching-ching

I need money. And I need it now. Any ideas? I plan to get a job, and I’ve got my birthday coming up also, so what else can I do?

I guess a job is the best option…you can also sell stuff you don’t need anymore :slight_smile:
Anything from your sister’s underwear sold to drooling geeks to older hardware parts sold to people that are setting up second computers or servers or whatever :slight_smile:

Not much.You can always find ways to get that money from your parents like I do.

I should be getting about ?200-250 from my parents, so that’s a no go. I need about ?1000 for what I want to do, and I need it by May x.x

That’s decided then : you’ll have to work.You can play in the lotary too but really working is the best way.

Yes, I already said I’m getting a job…

Well man, I dunno if you are expecting a mircale advise here but there’s not much into it…

I’m not expecting miracle advice… I’m just begging for it x.x

Want a donation?


Will your body to a university. They’ll put a tattoo on your foot, but you can get it removed and will yourself another university.

I got that from Steal This Book.

What are you saving up for, Shadow?

It’s more of a thing that you need to ask him in IM, Solo :slight_smile:

sniff, our little guy’s all grown up folks…

(you wouldn’t understand, as I know what he’s saving up for)

I’m glad you haven’t said anything here Neil ^^ I’d like to keep it a mystery from some people… plus I’m kinda shy bout it.

Well, I figured, that’s why I didn’t say anything…but it’s so beautiful! :smiley:

So, what’s her name :stuck_out_tongue:

(Don’t answer and I could be way off anyway:)

I smile happily at all this, whatever this may be.

[quote=“Al3xand3r”]So, what’s her name :stuck_out_tongue:

(Don’t answer and I could be way off anyway:)[/quote]

It’s a him.

Oooooh shit, did I say that? :stuck_out_tongue:

Dammit, the cat’s outta the bag now, huh? =/

…Not confused as much as curious…