Missing Persons Topic

anyone know where Pete, Orta, Winged Death are?

I have been banned from the last computer with internet acess at home, because the fourms and sites i have been visting Ex: www.Panzerdragoon.net have been messing up the computer, sending trojan virues, spy ware and other evil problems. DANG IT!!! now i have to get on at school, which is rare…

Panzerdragoon.net doesn’t send viri, trojans, or spyware -.- I suggest you look elsewhere for the problem, because it isn’t here.

Since Orta is computer-hopping at her local library there is a chance that the place is being renovated.

@ winged death - get a firewall and update it regularly

Or stop visiting all those pr0n sites :wink:

Or just visit the right ones.

Nope. I was just having a nice “FINAL EXAMS, SUICIDAL FRIENDS, HOLY SHIT MY MOM MIGHT HAVE CANCER” moment, but it’s all okay now.

…sounds like fun.

You were missed.

Shadow is a pillar of the community as usual.

You know, I never thought I’d belong to a community that would notice when its members were absent.

And Orta, your new avatar is freaky.

Why thank you :smiley: “Pillar of the community”… that’s made my day.

[quote=“Geoffrey Duke”]
And Orta, your new avatar is freaky.[/quote]

Don’t thank me for that. Thank my friends for sending me a link to a picture that was just creepy enough to amuse me.