Might be leaveing

I wont be on much anymore, much of you have probably noticed that already, but i just feel i dont belong here anymore, im not saying i hate any of you, its just not the foum for me anymore… i may come on occasionaly but it wont be often. See ya.

Didn’t you just tell emmz not to be scared off by the psychos?

Yeah.Now she has no reason to do it anyways.Oh well You must have your reasons.Just be sure to keep the PD spirit.

You shouldn’t let the opinions of others bother you, but I wish you all the best.

… I’m gonna miss him, until he occassionally comes back…


That is all I have to say to this thread.

Eh, I know how you feel.

This brings back memories… :’)

You great twat.

This is depressing…

Let it die, already. All we are doing here is giving negative reinforcement.

Negative? You want me to be positive? Hmm… What to say…

Arcie:You are talking like if the guy is doing something bad.If he feels better than that’s fine.It’s better than just leaving without saying anything.

Oh. I thought he wanted us to be glad he was gone, but I lose track of what people say.

Sorry for leaveing like that just needed some time off, you know to think sorry if i made any of you miss me, im back in order now.

Nice to see you back :slight_smile:

It is great to be back =D


Yep Tis me the insane morbid guy eith a gun behind his back…(you didnt hear that rom me =D) J/k

I like the insane, morbid guy with the gun behind his back (but I didn’t hear it from him).

Did we scare you away or something? Or were we just getting on your nerves and you needed a psyche ward visit?