Manchester sightseeing

Okay so one week from now I’m heading to Manchester to meet some friends studying there.Oh, and then there’s the concert from the greatest band of all time (Porcupine Tree, you wankers!) at the Academy.

Anyways I’ll be staying near the university campus wherever that is.Apart from the concert and english punani I’m pretty clueless as to what I should be doing in Madchester though.What is there to see?Places to go?Other gigs?

I’m thinking about maybe visiting Old Trafford and singing about Mourinho while I’m at it to get in a fight with some old school hooligans but I have no idea what I need to do or how much I need to pay.

I knew there was a reason behind the number of english PD fans around here so please give me some tips and suggestions if you have any. :anjou_happy:

(oh and also if there’s some cool game/music store you could direct me to…)

PS:I’ll only be there for 5 days but if any of you is there at the time, say so, so we can get wasted at Jubah’s.
PS2: Oh btw how far from Manchester is Leeds?

Thanks for nothing you bastards. Not even an acknowledgment of my post. :anjou_disappointment:

Hell is other people.

ok i live in london, but when i travel to see united play i don’t really see much except the stadium! and i dont know much about it on non-match days. Maybe book the museum and red cafe tour

im pretty sure you can just walk intot he red cafe on non match days (i dunno if the prices are expensive tho)

theres a big shopping centre in manchester too but your friends living there will probably know about it.

If you’re in london tho lemme kno!
enjoy england.