Madness Interactive

Well after the flash movies here is the flash game.
Yes I know that it’s not really new and I think it was posted here sometime ago but this is the downloadable version with a number of enhancements and additions. Enjoy:
When you get bored of it try the fan made mods on the same site :slight_smile:
I think it’s a pretty fun and well made flash game, kudos to the developer. Though I suck at it, it’s too hard :stuck_out_tongue:
(Hint: Empty hands and melee weapons have to be swang around to hit with them. Works for guns too.)

Played that a little while ago. It’s pretty neat, but my mouse kept going out of the window, which made it almost impossible to play.

Huh? It doesn’t go out of the window in this version. It opens a window in the middle of the screen but the cursor doesn’t even appear and no matter how far you move it doesn’t go out of the window, that’s how it is for me atleast.

Well, I just played the standard non-downloadable version, and that was quite awhile ago. Maybe it’s fixed in this one.