Made a Panzer Dragoon meets Crimson Dragon banner

I made sure to incorporate a dragon from each PD game keeping it simple and neatly structured, corresponding to the crimson dragons on the other end.

Full size:

That looks incredibly awesome. I like it.

Edge, his dragon and the Coolia are patiently staring the other dragons down while Kyle, Lundi, and Orta are all saying hello to each other LOL!

I thought of maybe putting something in the middle like a logo, but that might be too much clutter. There is something about that empty space between them that needs to be left alone… :anjou_happy:

This looks good. Suggestion: move the Orta Base Wing to the left more (perhaps behind the other dragons?) so that there is even space on either side?

Okay, this is the best position I can get the Orta Base Wing without compromising the flow of the other dragons.

Full size:

The Base Wing still looks a bit odd. Do you have a layered file (e.g. Photoshop)? I’d like to have a tinker.

Ah well unfortunately I flattened everything out and I can’t play around with the layers anymore…Maybe if I just get rid of Orta?

Here is the banner without Orta. I’ll see if I can manage to play around with her placement some more when I get a chance.

Full Size:

I tried something a little different. I think this other Orta Base Wing I chose is more prominent now. It feels more full and a bit more symmetrical with the dragons on the other side. And I added Orta in the left corner as a nice touch.

But, I can always take Base Wing out, leave Orta in or switch out for the coolia…

Full size:

Looks better, and the less bright colours means that it doesn’t stand out as much. Where is that picture of the Base Wing from BTW?

Yeah, I think the brightness of those purple wings was sort of a distraction. I actually found that picture of the Base Wing on the french PD artwork site!

Man I love that, nicely done. Would you mind if I used it as a cover photo on facebook? Feel free to add a signature to a version I can use if you’d like it to be credited back to you.

Yeah, you and Solo can use it if you want I sort of watermarked it in the corner near Orta.

Full size:

Excellent, thanks very much.

Is it official art or something a fan made? Same with the Orta pic; I don’t recognise it.

I’m not entirely sure, when you look at this one it has the Sega copyright:

But this one (the one I used) just has a website that doesn’t exist anymore. Was it related to any Official Sega site at the time?

It might be from the Orta novel, or perhaps the guidebook. Does anyone know?

I asked the web host ( from the French Art of Panzer Dragoon about using the artwork. This is what he said in my email:

[quote]"Hi, you can use these 2 artworks as you want. :slight_smile:

The 2 are official.
The first one come from the booklet of the japanese version of Orta, the second from the official Orta web site."[/quote]

Orta laying in the snow with Base Wing is from the Japanese Orta booklet and the hand drawn/painted version of Orta riding the Base Wing is from the official Orta site at the time.

So, apparently all of the artwork is official and okay by the site owner to be used if needed. :anjou_happy:

Cool. I might use your banner on TWOTA after CD is released. I think the CD theme is appropriate for the next month or so. :anjou_happy:

Cool that would be wonderful and an honor thanks!