Lundi's gun[s]

During any of the Panzer Dragoon Zwei primary endings (epilogue a,b,c, and e) Lundi’s gun slips through his grasp while he’s caught in an energy bubble and falls to the earth below.

In Sestren’s fourth memory orb Lagi has morphed into the Type 01 dragon in time for his conflict with the guardian dragon of Shellcoof, proving that the Zwei primary endings never occured exactly as we saw them.

Notice how in the primary endings Lundi’s gun has a handle at the centre of the main horizontal shaft, whereas in Sestren’s memory orb the handle exists at the very back of the gun.

How many more upgrades would tweak his gun to resemble the one our mysterious friend, the Sky Rider, wields later?

We know the ancient guns are so rare in the Panzer Dragoon world because even the Empire fails to discover [m]any after over a century of excavating ancient ruins.

I’ll be rewriting my old Sky Rider theory soon to include these extra points.

Thats an interesting point, although it very well could have been possible for Lundi to have upgraded his gun through the course of his adventure. Who knows what things Lundi found within the ruins of the ancient structures he and the draogn encountered. Sometimes not even the empire dared to travel where Lundi and the Dragon went (episode 4 comes to mind).

Still I don’t recall us stopping anywhere and searching around for gun upgrades during PD ZWEI :stuck_out_tongue: it was just one long journey without any stopping at all :slight_smile:

Also Geoffrey from your writings I assume that in PD ZWEI you did NOT morph into the type 01 dragon right as the Guardian Dragon battle began? I thought that’s the part you morph into him if you have done well enough, isn’t it? Or does it happen AFTER you beat the GD? I don’t remember but I always thought that you get that form right before that battle, right after you are done with shellcoof…

Panzer Dragoon Zwei took place over two months. To be exact, Lundi’s journey began on the 19th day of the 10th month and ended on the 6th day of the 12th month. His journals confirm that he stops off at a caravan at one point too.

Just wondering - where did you read that? The gun upgrades seemed common in towns such as Zoah.

[quote=“Solo Wing Dragon”]

Just wondering - where did you read that? The gun upgrades seemed common in towns such as Zoah.[/quote]

The strange thing however there seem not to be too many others with guns despite the upgrades. Seems mainly gameplay structure tthan actually based on the story IMO.

The two guns do indeed seem different. Why, is the answer I want to know. Was this one of TA’s ways of tying him to the Sky Rider; their way of building a possible bridge between the two, like Kyle Fluge and K.F. Craymen?

I’ve managed to morph Lagi into the Type 01 dragon before, and thus unlock the true ending (epilogue d). However, because Lundi’s journals write about everything we see in the Zwei primary endings, everyone assumes that this is what actually occured. Lundi did explore Shelcoof, but Lagi happened to reach his Type 01 evolution as well.

Both epilogue d and the rest combine to depict what took place.

[quote=“Solo Wing Dragon”]

Just wondering - where did you read that? The gun upgrades seemed common in towns such as Zoah.[/quote]

The Imperial soldier guide says there is a constant shortage of relics used for standard Imperial weapons. Plus, we haven’t seen a single Imperial wield a laser gun. The more powerful ancient weapons seem to be fitted to their armoured warships.

Laser weapons must be rare indeed if the Empire can find so few. The Meccanian Blitz cannons were cool, however.

The Seekers knew how to repair such weapons, which suggests they’ve encountered such weapons before but we haven’t witnessed a Seeker handle a laser weapon either, even in the Seeker stronghold.

My point is these guns are rare.

One could argue that in the second pic that little “missing back-part” can’t be seen but it is still there ; hard to picture altho it could…

The front of the first gun is square-shaped, yet in the second image, the bottom half of the front end is diagonally structured.

They have distinct shapes indeed. :slight_smile:

So here’s a slightly unrelated question…

Where exactly did Orta get her gun from? I mean, was Lagi carrying it or something? Smacks of a continuity error to me.

We figured this out in a topic in the off topic board: Orta kept the gun under her hat, which changed into a scarf when she embarked on her adventure. :slight_smile:

Oh okay… that um… explains everything.

Truth is, we have no idea. The gun seems, or rather is, biological in nature. She could have spawned it herself, somehow. She is a super important all-powerful half-drone, remember?


If there is no explanation, or if Smilebit never envisioned a reason for the gun’s appearance out of thin air, perhaps they intended its origin to be left up to our imagination. That’s as good a reason as any. :slight_smile:

I don’t think there IS an explanation.Period.

Here are my thoughts after watching the PDO FMV’s:

In the first FMV nothing points to the fact that the gun is already in the room. There’s no decoration or anything on the walls. We also see that Orta is chained to prevent her from escaping her prison. When Lagi saves Orta and lands beside here, she is still wearing the chains. Immediately after that we see Lagi fly away with Orta. We don’t see how she got rid of those chains, if we missed that then we could have missed how she got the gun too. However when they fly away Orta is holding on to Lagi with both hands. So where’s the gun?
In the second FMV (village of the Wormriders) Orta isn’t carrying her gun either. In the 3D sequence immediately after that, the gun magically returned into her hands.

One could argue that there was a part missing in the first FMV and that’s why we don’t know where she got the gun. However in the second FMV there’s clearly an inconsistency between the FMV and the 3D sequence.

So my opinion: the FMV sequences don’t exactly show what Smilebit had intended. If I’m not mistaken the FMV’s weren’t created by Smilebit themselves. Maybe they’re slightly different from what Smilebit original envisioned them to be.

I don’t agree with you there D-Unit.

Smilebit is in charge of a game so they have to plan it and say what goes where…

Yet another mystery left in the wake of a Panzer Dragoon game. Nothing new about that. :slight_smile:

I am reluctant to believe that Smilebit forgot to devise an explanation for Orta’s gun. Rather they left a gap in the story for fans to fill with their imagination or deduced ideas.

I want to see the uncut version of Orta’s prison break. Maybe I’ll get my wish in PDS 2’s Pandora’s Box. However, that can’t explain where she found the gun when she used both arms to hold onto Lagi. I believe the first in-game cut-scene was shortened for one reason or another, though I am just throwing wild guesses at what will no doubt go unexplained.

[quote=“GehnTheBerserker”]I don’t agree with you there D-Unit.

Smilebit is in charge of a game so they have to plan it and say what goes where…[/quote]

I bet Smilebit planned for the gun to be a mystery by consciously not adding an explanation for it being brought into being.