Looking for dedicated site staff

I realize that this message board might not be the best place to write this, but since this is probably the most literate group of Sega fans I’ve found in a very long time, I’m hoping you’ll give me a chance.

I am a writer at an up and coming Sega site called www.dreamflint.com. Currently, we are extremely shorthanded on writers (ok, I’m the only writer right now). We need some people with profficient writing skills (prefferably more proffecient then mine, because mine suck), and whom are willing to stay dedicated to the site and update it with reviews and news on a daily or weekly basis. The webmaster and I have already tried letting people work at their own accord, but so far every person we’ve hired has done scant work at best. If you are interested, please reply to this message, or PM me. I would like to have an example of your writing skill before I hire you, preferably a review.

PS: Please excuse my poor Panzer reviews on DcD. They were written two years ago, before I full understood the series and it’s story.

PSS: Mods, if this posts goes against any rule I didn’t see, just delete this. My apologies.

Ah come on. No takers?

Sorry, but I’ve got my own site(s) to work on, and they take up a fair amount of time as it is, so I don’t want to get bogged down by too many commitments. Also I’m more into the design/development site of making websites’ than actually writing for them.

Sorry for not replying sooner Nuckles.I’m not really a good writer when it comes to english.Besides I’m shifty with schedules…

exactly what solo said

Ah well, I tried :(.

Hm. I might be interested, but I’d need to know what kind of schedule we are talking about, as although I do run my own site (about Guilty Gear incase you’re wondering) it’s kind of dead. Contact me if i’m needed :smiley: