Lo all

I just came here after asking about the fate of www.panzerdragoon.de on gamefaqs.com - I see a couple of people I remember from the ol’ Panzer site :slight_smile: doubt they’ll remember me though… I didn’t post much. Can’t remember what name I went by, either - probably Jinx or Jinksy.

Still don’t have time to post much (or much to add - my Saturn is on the other side of the planet :), but this seems like a really nice site, and I’m glad to see the pre-Orta games are still being remembered.

On a different note, does anyone know if it’s still possible to download the Saga music tracks online? I remember they used to be available on a website called something like media-zero.com, which disappeared before I managed to get them all.

I’d also love to get hold of clear tracks of the DC version of Skies of Arcadia… My dreamcast was stolen a couple of years back, and that’s the game I miss by far the most. Strange, really - I had a pretty highly acclaimed collection off (the top of my head SoA, Shenmue, MSR, Ready 2 Rumble, Streetfighter 3, Soul Calibur, Legacy of Cain, Shadowman (ok, let’s forget that one :p), Powerstone, Powerstone 2, Vigilante 8: Second Offence, San Francisco Rush 2049) but I only really cared for Powerstone 2, Rush and SoA. Er - enough of my life story. Does anyone know if it’s possible (and/or legal) to download the complete SoA music from anywhere? I’ve seen a French site with some of the music, but also been told it was quite poor recording quality.

panzerdragoon.net/forums/vie … php?t=1127
I’d like to ask everyone to not abuse their service though, if I recall correctly they have already gone down once, I’d hate to see it happen again cos of huge bandwidth usage…


What would abuse involve? Don’t those kind of sites always have some sort of limit on d/l speeds?

I think he means don’t go crazy and download everything even if you’re never going to listen to it.

An excellent game media site that used to exist was called Media Zero, but from what I hear it had to be taken down because of the high amount of bandwidth that it churned through.

By the way, welcome to the forums Jinx.

Thanks :slight_smile: How many people here are from panzerdragoon.de (can’t remember the site name - something like The Excavation Site?), btw? I think I remember your name, and I’m pretty sure I remember Geoffrey Duke…

Yeah :wink:

Bem vindo.

Yep… me, Geoffrey, Shadow, Gehn the Berserker, Neil, Arc’engal (now known as Arcie), Atolm Rider (now known as Atolm), Abadd, Al3xand3r, Lagi (now known as lagi_webmaster), Aitrus… lordcraymen still posts every now and then too. There’s bound to be some other people I’ve missed too. Some of the newer members may have posted at Die Welt as well.

Does anyone know what happened to that site? I was really disappointed when it went down…

Lord Craymen took his site offline for personal reasons.

Welcome to the forums.

VELCOME! :slight_smile: