'lo again

Eee. It’s been a really really long time, hasn’t it? I sort of fell out of the loop, into a new fandom, had a lot of schoolwork to do and really didn’t feel like using the computer or the internets.

Also, there was Golden Sun.

So, have any of you killed each other whilst I’ve been gone?

I don’t even think we have ever met. But hey, anyone who enjoys Golden Sun, nevertheless has a Golden Sun avatar has to be cool…right?

Anyways, welcome back, even though you’re new to me! :anjou_happy:

o: It’s Felix!
Hee, I love The Lost Age. Especially Felix. And nah, I don’t think we’ve ever met, but you are instantly awesome in my eyes.

Welcome back, Daz. :anjou_happy:

Golden Sun is a great handheld game, despite being one big cliche, it still managed to introduce some cool elements like being able to use magic outside of battle. I haven’t finished the game yet, due to having to restart when I was almost near the end of the game, but I plan to complete it eventually.

Now all Camelot needs to do is release “Golden Force” for the Revolution. :wink:

Wow, you’ve got some perseverance there. If I had to restart near the end of any game, I’d probably just give up.

Welcome back, Daz. I remember you, although you might not remember me, because, y’know, lurk lurk.

Anyway Golden Sun: The Lost Age is a great game, and resulted in one of my longest binge gaming sessions in years (11 hours straight, if I remember correctly). It and Fire Emblem are my favorite games on the GBA. :anjou_love:

I haven’t managed to get a copy of the first GS, but I intend to get it as soon as I see it on sale somewhere.

I’m working on it.


I’m working on it.[/quote]

Oh. I missed you so much. However could I leave.
Sarcasm aside:
Drenholm, I remember you! Vaguely. I played The Lost Age all day once too. And Fire Emblem rocks, but I still haven’t managed to complete it (yet!).

Just make sure you check this forum often.

I havn’t met you before either but hell to it! Helloooo!

wave Actually you joined just when I was vaugley losing interest, and we’veposted on a few of the same topics, so we’ve met. Sorta.




I’m alive! You’re alive! The world is good…

I feel more dead than alive. Comes from only being in contact with Shadow for a year.




Love you really, honeybun.