Live, From the Art Institute

I just wanted to make an “at school” post, because I can.

We have an “all hands” meeting this afternoon of the Animation and Game Design Departments. We’re also supposed to attempt to register for our summer quarter. That’s 400+ students all in the same room, registering with ONE person. Chaos? Most definitely.

How is everyone today?

Wanting a Game Design department on my university.

Stop skiving.


Skipping school!


Land of the free, and home of the brave. Too bad it’s such a tough industry to break into if you are new to it all without a decade’s worth of official education behind you. Life’s a cold hearted bitch, eh?

Well as much as I want to continue my education (and I’m currently investigating where might be the best place to get a masters; hopefully abroad in Canada,US or UK) my entry point goal has always been QA testing and for that you don’t really need an education. (you do need good written skills, though. Lately, I’ve been trying to read more books written in english). Hopefully my current resolve won’t fade away and I’ll be able to land some kind of job, any job really.

Thanks for the torture, Snowie. I don’t know if I would actually enroll such a course (since game design courses are still very young and don’t give you much street cred) but it would be good to at least be able to have more like-minded people around here.

I mean you no torture whatsoever. Something you should know about the Art Institutes is that part of their mission is to find you a job. They invite professionals from the industry to the school all the time. The class sizes are relatively small so that the teachers get to know the students better, and can recognize their talents. They avidly keep you in mind for certain projects. They have internships available and every quarter we have Portfolio Review (usually for graduating students) and a lot of people can get hired that way because potential employers actually come to our school to see what the students are doing. So, I am trying to ENCOURAGE you, Gehn. Not torture you. <3

I know :anjou_happy: jk

From your description it seems that your school has some pretty interesting stuff going on. It’s always nice to see developers actively taking interest in academia. I’m still a bit skeptical about most game design courses, though. I’ll be finishing my software enginering/computer science major next year. After that it’s masters time. I’m leaning towards a masters degree on computer graphics. I’ve been told by many, how most developers favor people with more “classical” education as opposed to people who get a degree in a game development school. On the other hand a course that actually teaches you about game design would be quite the experience.

i think one of the only places in UK that does gamedesign in UK is Leeds

I have a booklet i got from a games exhibition fair in nottingham that i went to that has a huge list of game design degree places over the US though, and other interesting stuff

I think at the moment though game developers look for more computer science ooreientaed graduates for some reason though (maybe that will change in the future)

That booklet you got wouldn’t happen to mention a website would it? Anyway, thanks for the info, checking out Leeds Uni site.