I have just seem a couple episodes of LASTEXILE and it looks promising. Has anyone here seen this series. So far it looks amazing. And the story isn’t half bad either. I am a huge Skies of Arcadia fan and this series is beginning to intrigue me. What are your views, if any on this SOA like series, I may just buy it. :anjou_happy:

Atolm is a big fan too. Maybe if she deems it worth her time to post, she’ll say something about it (just kidding, N ;)).

How long ago did I made mention of Last Exile being simular to SOA?

But whatever, yes, i think they are simular in some minor ways.

Well I just bought the entire series of LASTEXILE! I will be watching it very soon. Oh and I spent 9 hours constructing the little cardboard ship that you get as an extra with the anime lol, it wasn’t very pleasant. But I still have one more to construct ( passes out :anjou_disappointment: ). I’ll give you guys my opinion and review of the anime once I watch it. LATER.

Hehe , i really like that series.
I like the chara-design , the ships , the whole setting…the story is okay .
but that didn’t really matter to me , because visually it’s just amazing and quite inspiring =)

Yes I agree. :anjou_happy: