Apparently our japanese friends think …


Translation : Mystery 3: K-F and KUREIMEN = the Kile FURYUGE theory is true.


Translation : Although it does not understand unless it asks him this … It was a thing for 帝國 history 89 years that Kile rode on the dragon, and Kile was 16 years old. Then, it was 帝國 history 119 years that KUREIMEN causes a rebellion, and age was 47 years old. Although calculation will not suit for one year, since it is the moon of 3 that Kile rode on the dragon and the rebellion of KUREIMEN is an end of the year, does calculation suit depending on a birthday? Why didn’t it tell edge KUREIMEN was dragon riding though this opinion was right?

This is a very rougth translation.But it seems they are trying to justify it with the timline…


PS:This site should be translated to english cause it has huge amount of good info and new Panzerense words…
Things like “right” and “left” in Orta; other words as well… … pair=JA,EN

Ummm…bleep no.

No way. You can tell our beloved Japanese friends that the initials K.F. in the full name K.F. Craymen were invented after the original Panzer Dragoon trilogy. Way after.

Edit: I meant the meaning of initials.

Also, Lagi would recognise Kyle if he was Craymen. Likewise, Craymen would recognise his old dragon friend. I imagine a conversation about the former duo would take place somewhere if it were the case.

Nice theory though. Solo could upload it here if we had the writer’s permission.

Divine Visitor actually made this connection on the old Panzer De boards.

I’m not saying I agree…
Yes I know he’s name is Karl yet it’s not a stupid possibility…

um… the initials were not made up after the trilogy, as Edge recieves a letter signed ‘KF Craymen’.

Don’t you all know that Craymen was the Sky Rider!?!? :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, I meant the initials K.F. were clarified later. It’s Karl, not Kyle.

I like the theory though.

Btw, didn’t Kyle seem older than 16 to you lot? He looks like a muscular adult.

Kyle looks late teens / early twenties to me.

Yep he looked 25 or so…

But just cause he was called Kyle doens’t mean he can’t change his name…

Altho I think this theory has no trustful foundation.

he looks about 18-20 to me.

Didn’t Lord Craymen think up the name ‘Karl Frederyc’, and it was adopted officially by Smilebit?


Actually I don’t like the fact that like Jean Jacques Lundi it ain’t a typical Panzerense name but …

Kyle seems over 20 to me. He’s quite tall too.

Jean Jacques is just his French name if I’m not mistaken because Lundi means Monday there.

No, it’s is official PD name.Yeah I know Lundi means Monday but that’s no excuse for picking such a name…

Kyle isn’t the sort of name I would expect in Panzer either.

Uless the dragon in Saga isn’t actually Lagi? :stuck_out_tongue:

“Karl Frederyc Craymen” is something I made up and was officially adopted by smilebit (infact that was one of the first things I was asked by Abadd =)

they had in mind to make ppl specualte about a conection to kyle, but it was just about speculation, Craymen is not a dragon rider.

you mean… you made up KFC’s name>???

That’s exactly what he means!Now get out of here kid, you are beeing spoiled…

Very cool indeed, it is not everyday a fan gets his wish.

But still, This theory is still cool non the less.

wooooooooo KFC you rule