Knights Of The Old Republic 2 [edited)- more info! has confirmed that BioWare and Obsidian Entertainment (a company made up of a number of former Black Isle Studios members) are working on a sequel to Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, the RPG hit launched on PC and Xbox last year. Details will be revelead in June issues of Electronic Gaming Monthly and Computer Gaming World magazines”

Lookie what i found :

I must admit, I didn’t believe the rumours about Obsidian developing the sequel to Knights of the Old Republic, but for once I’m glad I was mistaken.

The head of Obsidian (Feargus Urquhart) left Interplay’s Black Isle Studios division because Interplay has no integrity left whatsoever (not to mention Interplay wants to focus solely on developing console games). If he and all the other former Black Isle developers now working at Obsidian hadn’t left Interplay, and if Interplay hadn’t downsized the division itself recently (and cancelled Fallout 3 in the process), it might be Interplay developing the sequel to this blockbuster title now because those members of Black Isle had strong ties with BioWare.

Having friends who share your vision in the industry reaps greater rewards than making money at any cost.

Wooo… welcome to news that I’ve known for weeks.

And no, no cameos from past characters. They’ll all be dead.

Yeah Geoff, I’m sure “money” was never even thought about, they just want to make a game that will please you lol… Oh and KOTOR was an x-box game originally :slight_smile: ie a console game so where would the problem be with that company wanting to concetrate on console gaming? Even the KOTOR creators did that, why would they be discouraged with interplay or whoever wanting to do the same thing? Im sure that later on they wouldn’t say no to a PC port seeing last time it brought them a lot of money…
Bioware is also making another X-box game as well… But I guess all this sounds ok to you since you own an X-box, I’m sure if it was another console you’d have been a lot more negative about all this too…

You do realise that this will be the first game Obsidian develops?

Black Isle Studios has always had a strong relationship with BioWare since the inception of Baldur’s Gate, but since Interplay forced many of its most talented developers to found their own companies (like Obsidian and Troika) BioWare cut off all ties with Interplay.

Do you really think that hasn’t cost Interplay? If Feargus Urquhart was still the head of Black Isle, Interplay may very well be developing KOTOR 2 now. But hell, firing talented developers, refusing to give them the resources they need even after they’ve proven themselves time and time again, and then cancelling Fallout 3 was completely justified… because this means Interplay will make mountains of money…

BioWare is currently developing a PC title, as is Obsidian. Neither company believes in ignoring one market in favour of the other. One of the reasons Feargus Urquhart left Interplay was because he didn’t share its policy of ignoring a “declining PC market”.

Excellent. I hope this is good.

I edited it all up there ^

[size=59]By the way… Black Isle went under because Lionheart lost millions of dollars, but I suppose that doesn’t mean much.[/size]

You are right, it doesn’t :slight_smile:

[quote=“Shadow”]Wooo… welcome to news that I’ve known for weeks.

And no, no cameos from past characters. They’ll all be dead.[/quote]

I think you need to give that a reread.

Damn Shadow you sure get to know things early!

More :slight_smile:

Do you know how much money Interplay made from the Baldur’s Gate games alone? Let’s not forget Icewind Dale, the PC Fallout titles, the Descent games, not to mention the award winning Freespace titles which were all published by Interplay.

Lionhart wasn’t the only Black Isle game to become a sales disaster. Icewind Dale 2 shared the same fate. At the time of its development Black Isle was also developing Baldur’s Gate 3 (titled project Jefferson), which took priority, but ultimately the vast amount of time and money they poured into it would’ve been better spent on Icewind Dale 2…

Interplay’s downfall isn’t as simple as management wasting money on poorly conceived projects. Read about Titus’ involvement – they sucked the life out of Interplay. Remember Enter The Matrix? Guess who developed it? Shiny Entertainment, which was owned by Interplay before Titus sold it for 47 million dollars during the said game’s development. After purchasing a majority share of Interplay’s stock, Titus started struggling with its own financial problems, which led to Interplay being bled dry, funding for games being stopped, and Baldur’s Gate 3 being cancelled because Interplay couldn’t afford to contest a liscencing disagreement with Atari swiftly enough to keep the game on schedule.

Then the new head of Interplay decided to develop a travesty of an Action/RPG otherwise known as Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel in favor of the eagerly anticipated Fallout 3, and fired many of Interplay’s most talented developers.

Interplay pioneered AD&D PC RPGs for years and I doubt anyone will fill its shoes if/when it does finally go under.

i really really really really hated the combat of the first one… everyone told me how awesome it was and i was like “this is like turnbased except stupider and more tedious!”

i had enough fun to warrant borrowing it from my friend though. it’s all about the dominate mind…

Appologies for resurrecting a (slightly) old topic but I have a KOTOR question relating to dominate mind

SPOILERS - massive spoliers will spoil the game spoilingly look away

What happens if you play an evil jedi and use dominate mind to convince the Wookie(i forget his name) to kill that blue girl(whose name i also forget). You have to use dominate mind to do it but my Xbox allways crashed whenever I chose that option so I never got to see if he actually does kill her and what the rest of the party has to say about it.

Ditto my XBox crashed too when that happen!I’m assuming it’s suposed to happen (the crashing).

That’s not supposed to happen at all. I didn’t have any problem choosing that option. Do you guys have the European version? Some bugs (not all) were fixed for the European release.

Yes I have the PAL one.

Please tell us what happens if you choose that option then.


Let’s just say a Jedi using “dominate mind” can be very persuasive :wink: The rest of the party are all dark side characters, so they don’t have anything to say about it. I still can’t help laughing when Cart runs away like a coward, shouting “Run Mission! Go! Go!” while he’s already halfway the beach.


I’m definitely looking forward to this, especially the new Jedi classes. wants to be a Jedi Weapon Master like Mace Windu I adored Knights of the Old Republic. I loved HK 47, but I could never get his memory back.

I’m also anxious to see Bioware’s next project, Jade Empire.

A new trailer was released.Good one this.As some comments about the game. …

It looks likethey improved graphics a bit with the lightning effects…