Knights Of The Old Republic 2 [edited)- more info!

IGN has reviewed it and gave it a 9.3.

Looks like it’s gonna be just as great as the first. :anjou_happy:
I really don’t care about the graphics much.

Bugs and frame rate issues? It sounds as if Obsidian was forced to rush the game out before Christmas.

I will definitely be buying the PC version now; I won’t tolerate slowdown even for a second if it can be avoided.

I’m buying the pC version myself.But that’s because PC games are cheaper and I will only buy new XBox games if there isn’t a good PC equivalent.

I just don’t understand though. KOTOR 2 was destined to sell as well as, if not better than the original, so why rush it out… even for Christmas?

I guess bringing the game out before Christmas is more important than delivering a polished product.

On another matter, I just bought Galleon for the Xbox, and so far, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. The control scheme is a bit awkward, but anyone who shuns this game simply because the graphics look four years out of date is a fool. :anjou_happy:

Just imagine Tomb Raider but with a pirate captain as the lead character, a healthy dose of platform hopping, melee combat and more puzzles than you can count, not to mentioned an epic story to keep you hooked all the way to the end.

You definately have to tell me all about Galeon once you finish it.I meant to buy that game but poor reviews told me too keep my money for a future game.