Japanese T-Shirt Company, Looking for Info

Hey all,

 I am a long time lurker and infrequent poster.  Turns out that in about two months I am moving to Japan.  Ebino, Miyazaki to be specific.  My fiance is working in the JET program and we are going to get married on the beach in Miyazaki and then I will be there for the immediate future.

 The real reason I am posting though is I remember maybe a year or two ago there was a post for a Japanese T-Shirt company that made some really kick ass Panzer Dragoon T-Shirts and I want to order some of them and have them sent to our apartment in Japan.  The company only shipped inside Japan which is why I never ordered these before.  Now that we have a Japanese address, I am going to order like four of these shirts, but I can not find the website anymore.  I am sorry I do not have more info like company name or any other info.  This is kind of a spur of the moment thing as I just remember these shirts.  Thank you in advance for any help you can give.

Sorry, i don’t have any information, just wanted to say congratulations and enjoy your new life! :anjou_love:

Thank you!! It is pretty exciting. I enjoy Japanese culture, but I never pictured myself living there. My fiance is fluent in Spanish and I speak a bit of French and Spanish. I am a Nidan in Aikido but never thought we would end up living in Japan. It is going to be quite the adventure. I can read and write Hirigana and am working on Katakana. I am pretty familiar with Japanese grammer now, so it is just a matter of vocabulary and vocal building. I won’t be working on a dependent visa right away since our town is so rural, but I am hoping to find a job after being there a little while. The economy their is hurting also so who knows! At least we are in a subtropical location so I can do lots of outdoor stuff!!

No worries about the shirt company. I just remember something about 15 or something like that being part of the name I think. I really wish I could find the site. The shirts were quite beautiful as far as T-Shirts go.