Japanese/English versions of PD story

Are there some difference between the japanese and english versions of PD story due to translation errors and things like that?

The translations, as far as I know, are very accurate. The only difference is that Chris Lucich, the guy who did the translating, added in a love plot between Edge and Azel for the American version of the game.

Less importantly, the Ancients aren’t confirmed as being human in the Japanese version of the plot. You’ll notice that, although places like PD1’s introduction say that the Ancients were a “human civilisation”, PDO doesn’t state this as a fact. The Japanese games skirt around the issue in the same way that PDO does - as far as I’m aware, anyway.


So there are still people on these forums who still have doubts about the Ancient’s nature…

Oh well…


So there are still people on these forums who still have doubts about the Ancient’s nature…

Oh well…[/quote]

Don’t worry Gehn, I was merely pointing out the facts about the translation. Well, what I’ve gathered are the facts, anyway; I’ve admittedly never played the Japanese games myself. I’m also of the opinion that the story is much more meaningful when the Ancients are human.

Define “human”. Do you think the Ancients were humans just like us?

I knwo they were.
Now, you are gonna say that : well the Panzer planet is surely not Earth.

And I tell you (even tho this STILL IS a fantasy world) that there is a possibility of a planet similar to Earth in environment to exist.

Honestly, am I the ONLY one who believes PD takes place on Earth? I feel so alone.

No, I think the story takes place on

“A forsaken World
on the Edge of the Galaxy”


Define Earth.To be Earth it would have to be either in Europe or any other continent.I think it’s obvious that none of the landscape resembles such places.

Thanks for the info, people. :slight_smile:

I believe that the PD world is Earth too. After all, the PD story happens tens of thousands of years in the future. Enough time to make Earth an alien place to us.

My theory is that the Ancients were an human’ subspecies. They were more advanced than regular humans because they used biotechnology to change themselves. They wanted to control human population to avoid waste of natural resources and wars. Some of them didn’t agree with this solution and turned into rebels.

Well that isn’t a impossible scenario.But if you really wanna take things literally (like I do almost :P] all of the time) then you should know that in the PD1 intro it is said that the story happened millenia ago.

I would cry if this isn’t supose to happen in another planet.

I recently found an interesting quote regarding the whole “Earth / not Earth” debate. An old Panzer Dragoon 1 article on IGN mentions that Tomohiro Kondo - the game’s producer - had this to say:

Kondo describes in an old interview, "The story takes place on an ancient planet somewhere in the universe."

Make of that what you will, I guess. I can’t vouch for its accuracy - it’s presumably translated, and it’s on IGN, after all - and I haven’t been able to find the original interview that it’s quoting from. It’s certainly interesting, though.

Which is about equal to saying: “This game takes place somewhere.”

But, at least now we know that the PD world is a planet, and not a giant cupcake. :\

That’s debatable too… :smiley:

Seems to me we never really get a good enough look at a large enough chunk of geography to be able to tell. 10,000 years is plenty of time for climate changes, especially with the towers mucking around with stuff.

Actually we have maps of The Continent and I’m pretty sure it doesn’t even match with Pangeia.

I’m reminded of the huge debates we had about the identity of the ancients at the old forums with Abadd. I argued that the irony of humanity being reduced to a handful of survivors by its own bio-weapons would be lost if the ancients weren’t human. Human beings have a tendency to create their own demise, after all.

Now it seems a group of ancients cleansed the world of humanity in order to create a paradise for their re-emergance from hibernation. No one in their right mind wouldn’t try to stop this group of people from wiping out their entire race just because they happened love waging war and raping the world of its resources. I imagine this conflict of ideals sparked a real conflict, resulting in the world becoming a barren wasteland.

The ancient civilisation was destroyed by its own bio-weapons. The only difference is its citizens destroyed each other.

My thoughts exactly. When playing the Saturn PD games I always saw the background story as a sinister warning, that highlighted the dangers of genetic engineering and of generally “playing God”. Perhaps that aspect may have been added in translation, and Team Andromeda might not have originally had it in mind: but I still think that the story is more meaningful with the Ancients as a human civilisation.

To me, humankind being destoryed by its own arrogance and oppressed by its own creations seems like a poignant message. Humankind being destroyed and oppressed by a socity of long-dead aliens or monsters - or whatever else the Ancients may have been - would simply be less meaningful, in my opinion.

I love it when people state things as fact when they have no way of proving their theories :wink: