Its that time of year again.Time to play NiGHTS! High Score!

Then I’ve been reading wrong :anjou_embarassed:

Sorry about that…my score will be up soon. Give you all a good laugh.


The analogue pad is the best pad for NiGHTS…[/quote]

haha yeah, it was like… made just for the game. Not called the NiGHTS pad for no reason ya know :wink:

NiGHTS! What a game. I’ve got to get it out and see what absurd number of Links I can still rack up on Frozen Bell and Soft Museum. :anjou_happy:

I remember cultivating a myriad of bizarre looking Nightopians in Soft Museum once, all kinds of mutants and mutated mutants… Mepians, I think is the correct term that was given to them. But I can’t recall what happened to them!

Can anyone give me any tips on how to Paraloop Gillwing? I think the most I ever got for fighting him was like a 1.5 or something, and that might be pushing it. The loop trail never seems to last long enough to loop him, and the rest of the time I just end up getting hit by him.

So I take it that changing the boss using the cheat (or whatever it is, I can’t remember the method offhand) doesn’t matter here?

There are two ways to defeat Gillwing. One is to paraloop the very end of his tail (finishes him instantly, but it’s hard), and the other way is to do two large paraloops that half of him each time. Don’t go for circles…go for long ovals.

Cool, thanks for the help. :anjou_happy:

I’ll be sure to try both of those techniques once I get the game out. Thanks!

…oops. I was wondering how you were supposed to beat him with a good time, I never knew you could do that, I thought you could only hit him by grabbing his chin and dashing. :anjou_embarassed:

Anyway, I managed to get a score of roughly 190000 (forgot to write it down) despite only getting 1.4 on gillwing. I’ll try this next time.

It’s nothing serious, just a lot of gameplay subtleties; in my case I tried to work out an “optimum run” that’d yield the best score for each level, then practiced until I could do the run almost flawlessly. I didn’t really play NiGHTS that much when it first came out, but I became really addicted to it for a couple of months last summer…

Yeah, Spring Valley in my game is absolutely overrun with the things; I haven’t checked, but I suspect there are no “normal” Nightopians left in the level now, just a ridiculous number of Mepians that are all based on the yellow sheep-like enemies. And the things reproduce at a pretty disturbing rate, so that there are four or five new eggs every time I go through the level… my game really slows down when I fly around the huge tree in the second and fourth stages of Spring Valley, as that’s where about 80% of them “hang out”…

ha, i only have 1 mepia… and loads of normal pias… fear of accidently killing them sometimes makes playing throught the mares hard =(

Hey, all! Beware: long post coming up.

I’ve been practising, but to little avail! :anjou_happy: It’s good to play it again though, it’s been a while.

I’ve been trying that out… I’m getting there. I find the best way for me is to fly towards him, then just as he’s about to collide with NiGHTS, loop downwards and back forwards, then try to complete the loop just as he flies into it. Doesn’t seem to be working very well, though… :anjou_disappointment:

I think Arcie set quite a tough challenge here, level-wise; Spring Valley has some of the most annoying Mares in the game. Now if we were allowed to do Elliot’s route around the course, then we’d see some huge scores coming out, if I remember correctly! :anjou_happy:

I can’t seem to do SV’s Mares all that well, aside from the first one, but even then I often have trouble getting that 28 Link.

It’s like a whole other game, breeding the little beggars!

Hehehe… They do, huh? There seem to be quite a few normal Nightopians in my current game (not very far in; mostly only been doing Spring Valley so far) and most of them seem to assemble at the rocky hill near the first Ideya Capture. I hate having to avoid them all the time when I want to loop. :anjou_sigh:

Yeah, it’s even trickier when there are like ten of them hovering round a group of items which you want to Paraloop!

You have no idea. I once broke 100k+ on Elliot’s version. ON THE FIRST MARE ALONE. I literally screamed at how massive the score was.

Yeah, I thought Elliot’s Spring Valley was pretty nuts too; especially when I realised that you could get continuous links (limited only by time) on the fourth mare, too. :anjou_wow:

I’ll give it another go tonight to see if I can improve my score. If I get my homework done first. I have an essay on Death of a Salesman due in about 18 hours, and so far all i’ve got is “A play with a powerful social message is Arthur Miller’s “Death of a Salesman”” :anjou_sad:

Heheh, Spring Valley from my game is now filling up with normal Nightopians and sheepy Mepians. Sadly, I can’t seem to manage to “breed” any Mepians based on the purple bird or that red Cutler guy. This is probably because there aren’t many Nightopians around the areas where these enemies are.

I still haven’t got the grip of paralooping Gillwing; I think this could take a while… But I’ve basically been playing only Spring Valley so far, and yet I haven’t managed to get bored.

Also, those Nightopians breed like nothing I’ve ever seen. Yesterday I was going around the first Mare and I heard about four eggs dropping in rapid succession! :anjou_embarassed:

I’m quite glad I started playing this game for a while again; I’d almost forgot how fun it is! :anjou_happy:

72250 on my first go :stuck_out_tongue:

I hadn’t played Nights for a loong time.This was both fun and frustrating at the same time.My pad isn’t even an official Sega pad.It’s a cheap one I got when my original one broke.The d-pad itself was glued on by him because it had broke once :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I think the most I got so far was 220000-ish, and that was with a dodgy 1.6 on Gilwing.

Something tells me you’ve got a little bit to go! :anjou_happy:

I know the feeling! It was annoying at first, remembering that I was quite a competent player at one time, but now I didn’t know where to start!

But I think I’m getting there now, even though I’ve only really been playing Spring Valley so far.

My score 176960 :anjou_happy:

I think a deadline of the 31st December at 23:59 deserves to be set. That way, it will still be Xmas NiGHTS and not New Year NiGHTS.

Right now, Lance’s score of 502,000 still stands to be the winner. Mainly because I’ve been too tired to play.

And we need a prize to get some competition going.

The winner of the NiGHTS score challenge will receive one (1) Games Workshop miniature of his/her choice, painted by me, to the value of ?10 or equivalent. If the winner does not enjoy top quality sci-fi/fantasy miniatures, then I shall convert a game character of their choice instead.

wow a prize!
:locks self in room:

Ah just my luck, the TV that my Saturn is connected to died. XD

After two straight hours of playing the level over and over, I managed to get a score of 240130 (and a very sore thumb - I don’t have an analoque controler) which is my best score ever for the level :anjou_happy:

Again, my score woulda been higher if it wasn’t for the fact that I suck against Gillwing. I only managed to get a 1.5x bonus against him. :anjou_sad: