Its that time of year again.Time to play NiGHTS! High Score!

Yes folks, with the Christmas season on it’s way people worldwide will be digging out their copies of Christmas NiGHTS to play their way through merry Nightopia.

So, here’s my challenge.

Your overall best score on the Spring Valley course. With Claris. It doesn’t matter if you do it on the Sega Flash demo disc, NiGHTS or Christmas NiGHTS. The only restriction is you must play as NiGHTS. Not Reala.

As soon as I replace my dead TV I’ll post my score.

wheeeeeee! Great idea! We should set a deadline… like Christmas Day or something =)

Ah, time to get another lithium battery for my Saturn then!

ha! I know the feeling

I bet Scott will pwn us all. dusts off Saturn Either way, I’m ready!

I don’t own Nights but I do have Sega Flash 2.

don’t forget lance, he has a hidden power! :anjou_wow:

waits for st. patrick’s day burning rangers competition

I wish I had Christmas NiGHTS. I’m too cheap to just get it off of ebay though.

Maybe I’ll eventually get the Japanese version.

I got mine free with OSSM many years ago. XD

He can barely get a C on Stick Canyon apparently…XD


He can barely get a C on Stick Canyon apparently…XD[/quote]

No, he can’t get a C on Stick Canyon. Unless things have changed since I last spoke with him about it.

hehe everyone knows me well
I am good at early stages, but the boss battles screw me
and Stick Canyon… ugh
Christmas AIM: Beat all my own scores and pwn this board =)
dusts off NiGHTS pad

Am I the only one who doens’t know just how good Scott is?

WE talk to him on MSN. Do YOU? :anjou_happy:

Ocassionally yes.Funny we never talked about NIGHTS.Not that I recall…
Maybe about the Nightopian Forums at some point…

But I don’t talk as much on MSN as I used to anyways.Nor am I logged on.

Well, I just got 159090 on my first attempt, with my dodgy analogue Saturn pad. Not too bad, considering. =P

Hey, count me in. I’ll need to set my Saturn up to find out what my current high score is, but I’ll be sure to post it.

Do Reala and Nights play differently, then? I always assumed Reala was just a different 3D model…

Last time I was playing normal NiGHTS I always set the boss to Clawz; I found it almost impossible to beat him fast enough for a x 2.0 multiplyer at first, but after some practice I could do him more consistently than any other boss. Which bosses do you guys find easiest?

I got 167520 :anjou_sad:

and 1.4 on gillwing didn’t help =\ improvement coming soon :slight_smile:

Well… when me and Gehn talk its usually football oorientated :anjou_happy:

On a side note, has anyone tried using the regular pad? It hurt my thumb…

[quote=“Lance Way”]
Do Reala and Nights play differently, then? I always assumed Reala was just a different 3D model…[/quote]

Reala and NiGHTS play the same, but insofar as my perception goes, the Reala model is actually slightly larger than NiGHTS, making it easier to grab certain items.