Its that time of year again.Time to play NiGHTS! High Score!

yeah… it hurts to keep holding right x.x
i find my thumb kinda slips after a while on the thumb pad…

I’m frutrated, i was doing such a great run, then my bro walked in front of me and i lost all my momentum :anjou_sad:

Press the pause button whenever someone goes to walk in front of you.

pausing stops the momentum too!

Doesn’t look like I’ll be getting another analogue pad any time soon. >.< Oh well… guess I’ll just have to make do with what I’ve got.

EDIT: 185080.

puffy and clawz are my most reliable 2.0s


Time for a REAL score. 407,280. Gillwing x 1.9.

Is 502,700 with a 2.0 on Clawz quite good, then? :anjou_happy:

1st try today and 286050 with 1.8 on gillwing =)
I’m catching up :anjou_happy:

I can get better than 166030. :anjou_sad:

If this compo was just over a week ago, I could get at least around 200000, but my Saturns battery died last weekend, so I can’t select the boss and, as easy as Gilwing is to actually beat, I can’t seem to get better than 1.3x on him, because of all the wasted time waiting for his head to grow back (Plus, if I take a risk and go straight for him before I’m certain his head has fully regrown, I run the risk of taking damage and losing an entire 5 seconds). If I was up against, say, Puffy, that’d be a garanteed 2.0 every time. And i’m just too plain lazy to complete the game in one go.

Well, yeah, it is, but there’s kinda this rule you have to use Gillwing as your boss, to avoid Sega Flash and Xmas NiGHTS players being at a disadvantage.

We’ll honour that score though. Since I know I can beat it anyway.

You never stated that!


I’ll have a look at what my Christmas Nights scores are - I’m fairly sure my top two are with a 2.0 on Gillwing. Unfortunately I’m hideously busy this week and don’t really have the time to improve scores or anything - which is really annoying, because NiGHTS is probably one of my all-time favourite games. If I’ve got some scores with Gillwing though, I’ll post 'em for reference…

hmm alittle side question… what are your mare scores?
my best for each mare (at present) taken from my new high score list are:
mare 1: 58390
mare 2: 40620
mare 3: 35720
mare 4: 36440

I had a look at my top score on Christmas Nights, and I’ve only got 395,840; that is with a 2.0 on Gillwing, but I must not have been as good at the level itself back then. Oh, and my best mare scores (from normal NiGHTS) are:

1 - 71,370
2 - 60,220
3 - 73,200
4 - 54,540

Wow, I’m really not very good at Nights. I don’t even see how you’d begin to go about getting scores like that. :anjou_wow:

I think, at my best, with the boss for every level set to Puffy, I managed to get and A on every level, and I thought that was good!

Haven’t been here for a while…

Well, anyways, how do you people do that?! I guess only having a D-pad gives me a disadvantage…
Geez! I’ll give it a shot, but an emarrisingly low score may pop-up…perhaps I’ll get awarded for the lowest :anjou_disappointment:

Note: Saw Burning Rangers in Gamestation a few days back! MUST GET…although low funds aren’t helping :anjou_sad:

EDIT: Bah getting my Controller types mixed up ><

The analogue pad is the best pad for NiGHTS…