I dont suppose anyone knows Italian here do they? Ive got an exam in letter writing on Thursday and I was wondering if someone could check a couple of my phrases to see if they mean what I think they mean. Bit of a long shot but id be grateful if anyone could.

I only know useful stuff like Ciao Bella! Tanti Baci Dolci! Un Bacio Dolce! And some more that I shouldn’t write here >_>

Post a few of the phrases and I’ll see what I can do.

(I preferred your original name btw, vyper > Jameth :slight_smile:

Thanks RYB, could you tell me how to say “I would like to improve my written and spoken italian”

Ive got “Vorrei migliorare il mio italiano” but I dont know whether this is correct or how to say written and spoken italian.

Im guessing it may be “Vorrei migliorare il mio italiano scritto e parlato” but im not sure.

Thanks for help.

P.S. I suppose vyper isnt that bad a name, I originally chose it because Jameth didnt really fit with PD stylee place - it is a name I use for RPGs and at fantasy RPG forums like shining force and gotwow. At least now I only go under one name :slight_smile:

Your guess wasn’t that bad, Janeth, but it would be more appropriate to say:

“Vorrei migliorarmi nel parlare e nello scrivere l’italiano.”

“Migliorarmi” means to “self-improve”.

It would make more sense if you used “parlare” and “scrivere” instead of their past participles.

Hope that helps!

Let me know if you’ve got any more questions, and good luck with your exam.

(I’ve got an exam tomorrow too… back to revision!)

Thanks for the help RYB, hope your exam went well. My exam wasnt so bad although none of the 40 phrases I memorised from the past papers came up (Doh!). My exams are over now but I dont feel that good about them, I really messed up this year… just have to see what the damage is now.

No probs :wink:

Btw, what kind of Italian exam did you take? GCSE, A-level or univeristy?

As for me, I owned the exam today :slight_smile: All that revision payed off! My wrist is a little sore though, but I’m assuming it’s because of all the writing I did :smiley:

I’ve just got two exams left next week then I’m freeeeeeeee!

I’ll receive my results during the first week of July, so I haven’t got that long to wait. When do you get your results? I’m sure they can’t be that bad if you put the effort into your revision. The results from my exams during the first semester were slightly disappointing but after making proper revision notes and spending more time revising I reckon I can do a lot better this time.