Is there any hope for a new Panzer RPG?

Will there be a new Panzer game in the near future or is this beloved game series doomed? We need a least one more Panzer rpg. I will be happy if just one more game is made, a Panzer game that is even better than saga.

No, sorry.

Maybe there will be another one in 5,6,7… years, but not in the near future.

What makes you so sure? We do not even know most games that are two years into the future, you can not honestly make a statement like that without giving some proof to back it up. There may be one in development that has yet to be announced by the developer team.

Why do you believe we will not see one un till up to 2011? Honestly, 2011? Are you serious? Unless you can read the future, how can you say how many PanDra games will be out by that time?

It’s the mixture of coofee and beer :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m confident in a new PD game in 3 years time.If it doesn’t come out in that timeframe I don’t believe it ever will…

…until of course I finish university, buy the PD lincense and start making PD games myself…

I think what Gehn said is probably the most plausible amount of time. Three years seems like something SEGA would do. Though that means it would probably be released on the XBOX 2 (which I shall not be purchasing until it reaches $30 after the XBOX 3 overshadows it in 2013 =p)

If there is another PD game in the future, I’m almost certain that it will be the last. Hopefully, it will be the climax in the series that brings a tear to our eyes.

There’ll be another 1. Just not yet (think we would have known by now). I mean it taken ages for SEGA to make anoher Shining Force game, and over 18 years to make Out Run II :).

So it’ be on X-box II or PS 3. I doubt it be the last too.

The chances of Sega developing a new Panzer Dragoon RPG any time soon are roughly the same as Sega suddenly deciding to compile all three scenarios of Shining Force III in English on a single disk for the Playstation 2.

We have Phantasy Star Universe, a new Shining Force game and Shining Tears coming from Sega in the meantime, so I’m not complaining.

Panzer Dragoon Saga was the final chapter in the story of the ancients which effectively brought the series to a nice conclusion anyway. Other than Orta turning evil and deciding to use her vast powers to take over the world, the only future story that remains is the Empire’s struggle to harness the ancient technology with the threat of the ancients’ creations looming over them.

“This Empire shall fall, and from the ashes shall arise a new order that will shake the very foundations of the world”.

I doubt we’ll be seeing a new PD game in the next 2-3 years since AV is busy creating the new Shining Force games.

The introduction of the “tribes of drones living in the borderlands” could also make for an interesting storyline in the future. This, together with the struggle between the southerners and the followers of the old Emperor, prove that Smilebit had plans for a sequel. If only PD Orta would have been a greater success…

oh but he can! and i’ve seen him do other things too! like control the weather and blow up turkeys (turkies?)

while the original creative minds are still within sega, i can’t imagine them letting the series die. PD was possibly the most creative, most intelligent, most amazing series of the entire game industry… it would just be a crime to let that art fall into even further obscurity. although it would be a worse crime for them to “mainstream it up”.

Perhaps a few games that are merely in the PanDra universe? Maybe a few where you are not a Dragon Rider, but merely and Imperial Officer, or the like. ‘Normal people’ roles, in other words…something new if there is no future in Lagi’s tail.

I’d love to see older Imperial warships fight the newer ones. The Empire needs to attach some beam lasers to its ships (Blitz cannons perhaps) before sending them to fight a dragon again.

I wouldn’t say that, exactly; PDO itself showed that a decent storyline (which doesn’t rewrite or rehash the events of the previous games) can just come out of nowhere. The Panzer universe is pretty vast, with plenty of potential for creativity. If Sega / AV do get around to making an RPG sequel at some point, I’m pretty sure they could bring in an original, epic and unforseeable storyline that tied in with the events of the previous games, but which didn’t directly follow on from them; as I say, like PDO but on a greater scale.

And that’s very likely if you ask me.

Regarding a new Panzer game’s plot …


There is a sea of possibilities here.I would love an incursion to the Ancient Age.This is a subtle way tho.Kind of like visions of some sort (example : FMV of Atlantis back when Natla was damned in Tomb Raider 1) or even more recorded data like the in Uru…

Images for a change.The mystery trend could still be well kept, I’m just asking for some visual stuff…

I still say a prequel to PDProto (ok so Im starting to like using Panzerense word :stuck_out_tongue: ; and yes Al3x I know…) would be the best thing.I just wanna see Darky agehn!!!

Panzer Dragoon Orta set the stage for the next game IMO. An RPG sequel will revolve around why Orta was created (and perhaps what the Seekers had planned for her). Unless the next game forgets about everything that happened in PD Orta (why would it?) I can’t see the story going in any other direction. If Orta’s destiny is hers to decide, then the story will still focus on her.

An Imperial civil war was brewing, but human conflict isn’t something that’s unique to the Panzer world, so the creators will need to throw something else into the mix.

Personally, I’d love to see an evil human visionary arise to lead the Empire – someone who somehow knows more about what happened in the Ancient Age than any human ever should. The Empire could also tame an actual Ancient Age dragon…

In any case, the next game needs a decent human villain.


And that’s very likely if you ask me.[/quote]

Hope springs eternal.

I agree that a new game would almost certainly focus on Orta, as given PDO’s ending it would be really strange if it did otherwise; all I was getting at is that we can’t predict what potential destiny she may have simply from the information we have now. After all, the story of every previous game could in no way be predicted by looking at its predecessors; in the same way that Panzer Dragoon Saga couldn’t be foretold by looking at the events of Zwei, or PDO foretold by looking at the events of Saga, the plot of a future RPG will have to be fresh and original.

I’m sure that important new plot elements would be introduced into a new RPG, unforseeable additions to the Panzer universe that would result in a story we can’t guess at; a story that leads Orta through an unknown future.

[quote=“Geoffrey Duke”]Personally, I’d love to see an evil human visionary arise to lead the Empire – someone who somehow knows more about what happened in the Ancient Age than any human ever should. The Empire could also tame an actual Ancient Age dragon…

In any case, the next game needs a decent human villain.[/quote]

Yeah, a new RPG would definitely benefit from a well-developed antagonist; Craymen was a great character in PDS, but we didn’t get to see a great deal of him and he really got left behind towards the end of the game, when he died and the story kept on moving on. It’d be great if a future RPG let you play as its enemy character on an alternate path through the game, too.

Stories can come out of no where, ever heard of day time TV?

But one idea I had for a story is that a Republic that happens to be larger, more powerful richer ect. then the Empire comes from another continent and meets the empire we know and love, and this Republic is actually quite benevolent, the Empire is intimidated by this new Nation and would rather see their ideas and power dissapear, but because of their superior technology the Empire smiles and wave, but then one day the Empire does what it has always wanted to do, make Dragons. This these Dragons even though they are made in small numbers are used to fight the Republic. Due to the Empire’s dragons and the Republic technology the war comes to a even, but violent and bloody standstill. But there is one things that can tip the scales, one element that and been taken by either side yet, Orta. Basically you would play as a much older Orta and make a choice, will you side with the Republic and bring humanity out of the darkness it lives in and into the light(I believe humanity WILL eventually comeback atleast) or side with your old enemies the Empire for their gifts and bribes(that’s how I would guess they could get Orta)

But regardless of what I say Andromeda probably already has something planned.

I so hope the next team will NOT make Orta the main character in the next game. Storywise it’s a totally dead end. SEGA is desperately trying to bring more value to the panzer brand than “a boy and his dog” and “a girl and her puppy” is not actually a good way to do that.

Features that a new PD should have are

A Party with a playable female imperial character and a drone or ancient character
A decent storyline written for a western audience
A Soundtrack by Joe Hisaishi

And please, not MORE dragons. If everyone has his own dragon it becomes totally indifferent. I mean Saga had more than one dragon, but they still seem rare (i think the guardians like drenholm do count as dragons).

Drenhom is just another pure-type.The only real dragons were Lagi,Abadd’s Mare,Darky and Atolm.

You say that (SEGA is desperately trying to bring more value to the panzer brand than “a boy and his dog” and “a girl and her puppy” is not actually a good way to do tha) as it was a fact.

Is it?

Isn’t a boy and his dog the concept of Panzer games?Maybe changing that (not saying it’s a bad idea,Id personally would like a Panzer world based game along other lines) is too radical a change…

The problem is that if Orta is the main character of the next RPG, it’s going to completely alienate new fans. Panzer Dragoon 5 - if it comes out - will probably be on another console (I would be surprised if it came out on the Xbox now), and because of that, there’s no guarantee that everyone would have played Panzer Dragoon Orta - or any of the Panzer games for that matter.

The current story goes back all the way to Panzer Dragoon Zwei. You have to have played the ultra rare Panzer Dragoon Saga to truly understand what’s going on, what Sestren is, etc. As much as I love the way the story is like that (continuality rules IMO) it’s not really fair to force people to folk out $200 on eBay to make the most of their game.

I hope that AV keep the history of the world, but don’t force people to know about it to understand the next game’s storyline. I’d like to see a fresh plot that involves the same Empire, the same Seekers, the same world, and hints surrounding the same Ancients… but without the player being required to have knowledge of Edge, Azel, Orta, and Sestren to fully understand it’s story.

Maybe it worked with Orta since it was a shooter and could be played solely for the action. I’m not sure what the reactions of new fans were (can anyone enlighten me on this?). But if a new Panzer Dragoon RPG does come out, then I’m not sure if a plot that is dependant on several other stories before it would be the wisest move…