Is the 3DS worth getting in 2019?



Following on from the Shining Force (Mobile) topic, there’s are a few Fire Emblem games on the 3DS that I haven’t played which might be worth trying at some point. Is the 3DS a good purchase in 2019?

What games do you recommend for the system?

There are a lot of different 3DS/2DS models, enough to make the lineup slightly confusing. Is there a significant difference between the different models besides form factor?


I would say it’s recommended for a Nintendo fan. But there are some other really good games as well. And the system is backwards compatible will all DS games.

I actually really like the 3D, it adds so much immersion imo! And I would say at this point, you should really get the 3DS XL. Since the 3D has been upgraded to not blur when you’re not looking directly at the center of the screen, there is an second analog stick and the screen itself is bigger.

But most notably, there are a lot of great games such as:

Ocarina of Time/Majora’s Mask remake
Legend of Zelda a Link Between Worlds
Metroid Samus Returns
Kid Icarus Uprising (A really cool action game/rail shooter
Kirby Robobot/Triple Delux
Mario and Luigi Dream Team
Ever Oasis (spiritual successor to the Secret of Mana series)
Dragon Quest 7 and 8
Xenoblade Chronicles 3D
Bravely Default series

These are most of the “must have” games.


Thanks for the list. I forgot about Kid Icarus; it looks like something I would enjoy as a Panzer Dragoon fan. And I never did finish those N64 Zelda games which would I imagine would be easier on the eyes on the 3DS’s smaller screen.


@legaiaflame I bought a cheap, preowned 3DS XL today (the model without the extra analog stick), along with Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. Most of the games you listed were no longer being sold in stores, so it looks like the 3DS is on the way out over here; hopefully this will make it easy to find affordable used games in the future.

In any case, it’s good to play a Fire Emblem game again, and I’m enjoying the cliched but full of banter dialogue. I figure by the time I get through the DS/3DS Fire Emblem games, there will be a newer model of the Switch (or a price drop of the current one) to make buying the system for Fire Emblem: Three Houses a better investment.


Glad you got on board with a 3DS! Have fun! Nintendo is always doing something inovative whether it be motion controls, touch controls, dual screens, 3D, hybrid handhelds (Switch) and that is why I’ll always support them!

I think a new model for the Switch in inevitable. They’ll probably announce it in the near future in a Nintendo Direct. I had the original 3DS since launch and rebought the system when the XL came out. So, they got me there (got it used for $80 though in mint condition). Hopefully, I won’t have to rebuy the Switch. The only way I would, would be is if they made it VR compadible…


Thanks. Yeah, Nintendo has made some innovative hardware over the years. Truth be told, I’m not a huge fan of 3D visuals or the dual screen concept, but the 3DS has a huge back catalog to explore which is the main appeal to me. Since it’s backward compatible with the DS, perhaps you have a list of recommended titles for that system too? I might get Sonic Rush next; I enjoyed the three Sonic Advance games, but never owned a DS.


Sonic Rush was one of the last games produced by Yuji Naka. It was a fun game. Sonic Rush 2 wasn’t produced by him and lost some of its charm.

Let’s see for DS I would pick:

Chrono Trigger DS

Sonic Rush

Deep Labyrinth (unique first person action rpg. You draw magic and swing your sword with the stylist also music from Yoshinori Matsuda.)

Solatorobo: Red the Hunter (Sequel to Tail Concerto on the original PlayStation)

Castlevania - Order of Ecclesia

Castlevania - Dawn of Sorrow

Avalon Code (action rpg)

Soma Bringer (action rpg with music from Yoshinori Matsuda!!)

Lufia Curse of the Sinistrals (action rpg/remake of the original)

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles - Rings Of Fate (action rpg)

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time (action rpg)

The Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks

Metal Slug 7

Radiant Historia (traditional rpg with time travel elements)

Mario and Luigi Bowsers Inside Story

Mario and Luigi Partners in Time

Ouendan (music game)

Ouendan2 (music game)


I would also recommend getting screen protectors for the 2 screens. You don’t want to get them dirty and over time the stylist can leave indentations/marks on the bottom screen.